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Milkyy Media also has some assorted videos available on VIMEO platform.  In case you are a Vimeo user, here's the link to our offerings...

We feature People meeting Animals

At the Emu Farm
Visiting at the Emu Farm by PeterAppleseed enternetglobal on Vimeo (also on twitter) circa 2010 and distributed 2020 by Milkyy Media Syndicate

Documentary from a wonderful little farm in the southern US, the state of Florida. Here are people from the city discovering the life of animals, emus and also an appearance by a pig/hog. The juxtaposition of urban residents with wild and domesticated creatures of the farm is interesting. Each time we meet a different animal, it's a new experience of wonder and amazement. 

Note: this was originally uploaded under the distribution of "enternetglobal" (through Vimeo), which had later gone defunct, but has gotten renewed in 2020.  EnternetGlobal will not be for the distribution of videos, which is now the mission of MilkyyMedia.  EnternetGlobal will be for what it was always intended, since the 1990's - as a portal to enter the virtual world in cyberspace.  more on this distinction in later posts. 

EnternetGlobal at the Emu Farm from Peter Appleseed on Vimeo.

Emus and children have a meeting. EnternetGlobal at the Emu Farm

EnternetGlobal at the Emu Farm 2 from Peter Appleseed on Vimeo.

Children feed Emus . EnternetGlobal at the Emu Farm

"TimeSpace Chronicles: Wave 4" Conch videoclip

This is an excerpt from "TimeSpace Chronicles: Wave 4"  Let's just call it the Conch Shell in the Mountains scene.  This was filmed in the Catskill Mountains during the summer more than a decade ago. 

Note:  "TimeSpace Chronicles" is a movie series and we are producing the part which is called "Wave F".  The alternative title is Gold Mine Gang.

"Wave 4" does not have another title as of yet.

The story of "Wave 4" features the life of a newly married couple, named according to their youtube channels, Myzzty and MysterEy1 (in 2016, gootoob deleted everything).  That's why Milkyy-Media is on LiBRarY. tv

"Wave 4" is an American and Israeli romance, a cultural exploration, also dealing with the historic rise of youtube.  MysterEy1 was one of the first paid content creators who was offered a contract from youtube in 2007. 

Check out our video samples there!$/invite/@Keyboa:b

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