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Sitar Raga | Diana Waldron | series 3 | Milkyy-Media

Music videos from Our Series3 of Sitar by Diana Waldron. Series 3 contains four separate ragas.
raga #4 of series-3

raga #2 of series-3

Sitarist Diana Waldron | Sitar Raga 3rd Series | Like Lakshmi

This is the 3rd series of Ragas by Sitarist Diana Waldron, which Milkyy Media MUSIC has produced.  In this one, she appears as the ancient four-armed Hindu goddess, Lakshmi.  This is merely because of the cinematography edit, overlay of multiple camera angles.. or is it?!  In any case, it looks surreal and amazing.  This song set as usual, is acoustic and UNPLUGGED (notice the wall outlet behind her, nothing plugged in).  With the exception of the layer of background stringed instrument sounds, which provide a rhythm guitar/sitar beat.

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