Toads and Frogs!


Milkyy media will make naturalist documentary movies in a regular basis. Nature and wildlife creatures are always a subject of focus.  Milkyy loves toads and frogs!! How about you? Are you a fan of the amphibians?! 

Light and Shadow

Light & Shadow

This is the interplay of opposites.  They are the extremes.  There is the stark contrast. Through these we have the ability to create the illusion of depth and 3D within the technology that depicts in 2D.  Flat screens are what we've had so far. 

Add motion and it's a miraculous occurrence.  It all relies upon the brain processing the input from the eyes. Its all about the visual sensory perception. What a world we can observe! 

Milkyy Media is dedicated to harness the technology and our creative artistry to bring you the most interesting movies to watch.  Whether you call them videos, vimeos, vines, tweets, tiktoks, films, talkies, whatever. We're going to launch a new name for this stuff.  Milkyy offers something to entertain you while reminding you of the miracle of sight... The miracles of life! 

Tasciotti Milkyy Media animations Ahgamen

Tasciotti animations

Symbols, glyphs, logos

What are some of our symbols?  The ones we will use for Milkyy Media?   And what is the meaning behind them? 

Will we use HEARTS?  What does the heart mean?  What does it symbolize? 
In the modern world, this symbol of "the heart" means "love" or a strong liking". An affection for something, a desire, happiness, joy, warmth, comfort.  It can symbolize an invitation.  

But is it the physical human heart inside of the body? Ahh this is an area of study for CIVILOGIA. This is truth to be explored by ahgamen in Keyboa.  For now, lets say that this symbol, that of the heart, is indicative of a human beating heart.  If that is where the love resides, is another question worth contemplating. 

Milkyy Media can use the heart ❤ in our assortment of symbols, yet we will not dwell upon it.  Milkyy will not overuse this already-known symbol. The heart symbol will be included in-context. 

There are many symbols you are about to experience for the first time.  Spot them in the imagery of Milkyy Media.  Their meaning can be learned from the story in which they are found.  Happy Symbolism Days! 

Classic or Modern?

What's your preference when it comes to style?  Whether culturally or artistically.  Classical or modernistic? 

Hollywood Woes, Threat of IATSE Strike

Hollywood and "the Mainstream Movie Industry" are having a lot of problems lately!  Is it any wonder?  Workers are complaining about the wages, citing the greed of "the suits".  The studios are defending themselves by claiming they are in recovery from the lockdowns a.k.a. the pandemic. 

Does any of this affect the plans of Milkyy Media Syndicate?  Yes in a positive way. Thank you very much. What's bad for the established industry is what's good for us.  Potentially we will be able to edge in and solve the long-standing problems.  Not all of those, but we could create something new in this amazing field of human endeavors. 

Good luck to the protesters!

Ideally if Hollywood keeps being greedy and producing worthless movies, then the industry will crumble. That's karma. 

Don't worry, you can join the Syndicate. It will begin the Era of Milkyy Media!

So many stars, we are a galaxy!

Milkyy Media Syndicate

What is the current phase of the Milkyy plans?  While we know that we want to be the biggest platform in the world one day, it's going to take an enormous amount of work!  That's getting done step by step, little by little. 

Right now, the Matrix documentary is going into a process of refinement. Its takes a great effort to do this without cooperation. The hidden story behind the Matrix franchise should be produced and broadcast to the world!
Beyond that, the movies of Tasciotti are resurfacing, having been recovered from lost archives of the past decades. Why is this important for Milkyy?  Because it's depth and perseverance proving. Forty plus years of proof. One man's artistry and life's work. That is the seed, the foundation of the Syndicate, from which everything else can expand. 
This material from "the good old days" will be submitted to film festivals. That is going to be a first time! Never been in a festival and it's a good time to start. 

We are also producing the movie by the grandfather of Tasciotti, about the Hudson River Railroad Bridge Fire. His grandfather is Philip Frank Tasciotti Sr. 1921-1995. This film is to be featured regionally around Poughkeepsie where the historic event occurred. It was a tragedy for the region and even though it destroyed the railroad activities, the bridge was repurposed as a walkway over the Hudson! 

There's much more going on at Milkyy Media! Stay tuned...

Kids Obey the Control Device! When gaming the system!

TimeSpace Chronicles 

newest releases fresh outta the production mills at Milky Media studio!!!  These are experimental mixes... Or edits. Whatever you want to call it, eh. 

Same video below, rough version 

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