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Symbols, glyphs, logos

What are some of our symbols?  The ones we will use for Milkyy Media?   And what is the meaning behind them? 

Will we use HEARTS?  What does the heart mean?  What does it symbolize? 
In the modern world, this symbol of "the heart" means "love" or a strong liking". An affection for something, a desire, happiness, joy, warmth, comfort.  It can symbolize an invitation.  

But is it the physical human heart inside of the body? Ahh this is an area of study for CIVILOGIA. This is truth to be explored by ahgamen in Keyboa.  For now, lets say that this symbol, that of the heart, is indicative of a human beating heart.  If that is where the love resides, is another question worth contemplating. 

Milkyy Media can use the heart ❤ in our assortment of symbols, yet we will not dwell upon it.  Milkyy will not overuse this already-known symbol. The heart symbol will be included in-context. 

There are many symbols you are about to experience for the first time.  Spot them in the imagery of Milkyy Media.  Their meaning can be learned from the story in which they are found.  Happy Symbolism Days! 

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