Milkyy Media F.A.Q. by newbies, potential members of the Syndicate.


Q:  I'm an acting professional, who is interested in being casted.  Do I have to join Milkyy Media? 

A:  Actors or actresses or performers can be involved with Milkyy Media productions without becoming a member.  However, they will not have the benefits of being a Milkyy Media member and they will only be able to do one or two acting roles until they are required to join after that.

Q:  As an acting professional, why would I join Milkyy Media Syndicate?  What are the benefits? 

A:  By joining Milkyy Media Syndicate, you are signifying that you agree with the mission!  That's an important goal and something to take a stand for.  Now as part of our group, you will be able to participate without limit in our activities and projects.  You will be collaborating with the newest and best group of artists and creators in the world.

Q: Why was Milkyy Media created? 

A: Milkyy Media was born as an answer to a long burning question that was being asked by a group of artist friends.  They wondered, how can we beat Disney?   

Q: Who founded Milkyy Media?

A: Some artists who are supportive of the ideas of Peter Tasciotti, including: Dophic Treb Gingerbread-Inc Dave Grein, Christopher Yong, Enrico Racine, Tamar Elhayani, Haum Jracoe Kalassian, Thomas Althouse (now on again off again), and many others. 

Q: What is the background of Peter Tasciotti? 

A:  Here's a bunch of info on him: 

Movie-Director http://tasciottimovies.milkyymedia.com/ is Peter E. Tasciotti. But why movies? Started out at an early age, like many of us in the 19 60’s, 19 70’s, and 19 80’s, being exposed to cameras and experiencing the home-movie experience. During those days, that era, the technology was progressing and cameras were being marketed to the general public. Prices were reasonable and there was widespread access to the products. Experiencing the results of the camera work was in the form of paper prints of photos (or Polaroids) and the more complex watching of motion pictures on movie-screens through movie projectors. Then the technology propagated from the corporate Television industry to the general public with Beta and VHS video cameras. The video-taped movies could be played back to anybody’s home television set. All of this technology was before the major advancements of the digital and computerized movies, which we currently have in 2022, with the ubiquity of smart-phones and whatnot.This is some background info, biographical, in order that you know the movies are the product of a "stark raving lunatic" mad scientist... I mean, a human being.  

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