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David Knight documentary


This is the EnternetGlobal/ Milkyy Media Documentary of David Knight in Kingston, NY 2021 May 28.  It is raw, spontaneous, Not-in-a-studio, on-the-street recording of Knight's convos with random people after the Peace and Freedom festival event.  That event was sponsored by Gerald Celente

More info can be found at Gerald Celente + David Knight

video description:  Director Peter Tasciotti convo with David Knight live in New York. 2021 May 28.  This is a raw, spontaneous documentary of Peter's meeting with David which continues various discussion of topics.  Took place after the Peace and Freedom festival, which was organized by Gerald Celente and "Occupy Peace" in Kingston, NY.  Some people are asking David Knight random questions, general discussion of the current events we are living through in the USA and Around the world.  Topics include: Christianity, Bible, Constitution, American History, home-schooling, eschatology, health, freedom, etc.
The portion where Alex Jones was mentioned has been edited out, that will be posted at a later date.
Documentary produced by EnternetGlobal and Milkyy Media Syndicate 2021
(note: this does have audio sync issues, towards the last half of clip, the audio is lagging.  Our apologies, the editing error causes that problem)
IMPORTANT:  Milkyy Media and Tasciotti have a policy about religion, government, politics, race, and other social subdivisions.  The policy is basically to remain neutral and centralized.  Speaking for himself first and foremost, as founder of the group, Tasciotti is neither left wing nor right wing, no limitation to religion, although respecting the best Wisdom within all religions.  Not dwelling on the superficialities and political correctness of the racism, the classism, and other types of categorizations.

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