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TENET is in Post-production; INCEPTION review

Have you heard about Tenet, the movie?  It's by Christopher Nolan.  What does it have to do with us?  Ohhh.. One of the cast is slated for inclusion in our production; she has already auditioned.

Update 2021aug21

Our movie director Tasciotti has recently had a chance to review the cinematic work of the enormously successful director Nolan. He did not watch Tenet as of yet. However he did watch the movie Inception which was streaming from Netflix.  The critical feedback is positive and constructive. Even though Inception is not a very new release (2010), it is still in the ballpark of being a newer movie of the past 12 years phase.  Tasciotti agrees that it warrants its influence and cult following. 

More in-depth analysis of Christopher Nolan's work including Inception and Tenet will come from the higher consciousness of Ahgamen.  Stay tuned for that, because it will be an exploration of the subconscious and the noumenon of dreams. 

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