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Rosalie Tenseth homage

One of the great comedic talents! A great past member of Milkyy Media productions (we hope to work with again)!  The amazing actress, Rosalie Tenseth!!!

Of course, what you should know, she played a phenomenal supporting role in the ensemble cast of the epic satire "In Search of Myster Ey"!  Her role was as the character Gwendolyn, the celebrity interviewer! IMDB listing here She can follow a script expertly, and is extremely skilled at improv as well.

 Check out her official website

Shout out to a great star, Rosalie!

The Formula for the Movie Screenplay

  The new movie is a perfect combination of real-life facts/true-life experiences with the technique used of "stepping outside of yourself, stepping outside of the overwhelming action and drama", in order to gain an objective view.  The concept is for an alien mind to observe the situation.
   In terms of genre, this is documentary (with actual material from the past) all wrapped-up in a science-fiction covering, with the complimentary fantasy genre alongside that. There is a balanced mixture of action, adventure, romance, drama, and mystery.
  The themes include: family, childhood, travel, monogamy vs. polygamy, love, betrayal, jealousy, happiness, home, somewhere-to-be, gypsies, nomads, etc.  The story is part of an ongoing epic series.
   This recipe should result in a successful movie, as long as the story we have selected is going to be captivating at this point in history.  Here is the current position of the celestial bodies.  If you are familiar with astrology, you can understand and see that "TIMING is everything"!

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