Sitar in Her Stance project

"Her Stance" is a project by Director Heyvazealia of the keyboa-tribe. 

In this documentary production, one of the featured artists is a wonderful Sitar musician named Diana Waldron. Here are pics of Diana playing her Sitar (first, the L B R Y  video version ... then, Youtoob-based videos further below)

Click here for Yootoob playlist ----

This is an experimental, rough-draft version of Sitar Raga #1 ~ Diana Waldron, Documentary for "Her Stance" series by Heyvazealia and ahgameN, Milkyy Media studio, with support from Carol Taylor Gray.  Please enjoy!

Here is a rough (unfinished) version of Sitar documentary Raga #3 featuring Diana Waldron.  


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Anonymous said...

Awesome on sitar. I always loved sitar. Want to hear more!

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