What is "TimeSpace Chronicles"

"TimeSpace Chronicles" is the full movie series, 

includes "Gold Mine Gang" as 1st Episode!

It's a movie series and more. The debut of the first part will be released on its own interactive gaming site in 2021!  This is a very experimental and cutting-edge franchise.  We cannot say more here, it is a proprietary secret SHHH.  Here are some pics to entice you!   And if you want to watch some pre-released content (the same link is also BELOW, after pics) CLICK HERE for videos collection

You can Bring a Horse to Water... but you cannot make him Drink.  

Or can you make the horse drink??

*All the videos clips from Post-Production of "TimeSpace Chronicles" are compiled on the Milkyy-Media "TimeSpace Chronicles" VIDEOS page CLICK TO GO TO https://www.milkyymedia.com/p/timespace-chronicles-videos-collection.html

OR go to this project's preview website for more info and longer video previews: https://timespace.milkyymedia.com/

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Milkyy makes so many stars, it should be the galaxy! 


Eagleseed said...

Trying to get in touch with Louise Acker, IMDB has you'all as his reps. Seriously! ... at this email that doesn't work: histiryFDR@gmail.com

History FDR said...


History FDR said...

Hi Eagleseed. We represent Louis Acker! the famous astrologer! He stars in the movie Hippie Commune!!

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