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New random PeterAppleseed fam video. He's making a comeback... LOL


Exciting amazing real footage from Peter Appleseed and fam

Premiered 38 minutes ago
Hi! this is unedited. this is uncensored. it actually is!!! You know wht to xpect when you watch the Pr4esidnt/ (sp? intentional) it says: p r e s i d e n t e Shhhhhh they asre scanning and A.I. is up to no gooooot.

PROTESTERS | Edly Chery | Aimee Tumenang | Milkyy-Media

PROTESTERS the movie

One special excerpt, a featurette that spins off the main plot.  Protesters, Upiqui Upi'Ipsiing and Jellydroll Dingle (played by actresses, Edly Chery and Aimee Tumenang) are at a party to meet The Psychic.  Also there is Peter Appleseed (Movie director in a cameo), who is strangely enough, doing an astrology reading!  Edly Chery is the supporting role to Folake Olowofoyeku, who plays the leading role as character, Felice Falafafull.  Aimee Tumenang is in the role of Jellydroll, best friend of Upiqui.

 | Milkyy-Media |  

Even more bizarre, there is an appearance by actress, Priya Chen. Can you find her in the movie? She was invited to the party by Peter Appleseed.  She seemed to distract The Psychic from his deep concentration.  Priya is uncredited in Protesters the movie.  But she has a leading role in the movie, In Search of Myster Ey!
Priya chen (dormant) youtube channel

Tasciotti Directore circa 2004

Protesters, the movie, is sure to be a favorite classic on your list.  Seek out the director's cut full version. Which will be interactive on the upcoming Milky Media APP!

Basic Carpentry to make Cat Sanctuary

attn: good question was posed, regarding why the newest released video was made using a cheap camera? I'm glad you asked. We have civil action now, lawsuit to recover/compensation for the theft and destruction of our camera equipment and files for the Matrix documentary. Yes that is correct and true. The crime which happened over the course of the past year, took place mainly in Mississippi and Tennessee. Stay tuned, the lawsuit will take time. It is filed in U.S. District court. many delays.

NOTE: the timestamp on the video should be ignored, it is incorrect and the cheap camera keeps resetting it when the new memory card is put in or battery dies, etc. A documentary, filmed in one continuous scene with simple digital camera and postproduction edit on flowblade. Features peter appleseed carpenter, using basic carpentry skills to build a simple, rough version of a cat sanctuary. This is not exactly a formal how-to, so please do not assume it is. This is a documentary, mainly of interest to students of Civilogia and fans of former youtube community leader, UtubiaPresident peter appleseed. Unity for Utubia. Of course, before and after he was President, peter was a carpenter and builder. This club house refurbished as a cat sanctuary is because his children had pet cats and they wanted a special new home. The old club house was perfect for that, or should we say purr-fect.

Art Film of Mountain Climb to Oasis Nightshot (contains snakes)


Part of the "Gold Mine Gang" movie. Mountain Climb to Oasis night from Ahgamen Keyboa on Vimeo.

The first part of the "gold Mine gang" movie. Which is one of the movie epics comprising the ongoing series of "TimeSpace Chronicles".  In this authentic "art film", Peter APPLESEED is explores the desert, climbing a rugged mountain. He climbs alone all-day and reaches an oasis high-up and drinks fresh spring water (in nightshot). Some Espanol spoken in background, this is at a Mexico location.

Bear in mind, this is in the style of "art film".  It is not commercialized, trashy, dumbed-down.  It's a unique art film which is a true documentary, in the natural world (with many artful effects however). 

"TimeSpace Chronicles: Wave 4" Conch videoclip

This is an excerpt from "TimeSpace Chronicles: Wave 4"  Let's just call it the Conch Shell in the Mountains scene.  This was filmed in the Catskill Mountains during the summer more than a decade ago. 

Note:  "TimeSpace Chronicles" is a movie series and we are producing the part which is called "Wave F".  The alternative title is Gold Mine Gang.

"Wave 4" does not have another title as of yet.

The story of "Wave 4" features the life of a newly married couple, named according to their youtube channels, Myzzty and MysterEy1 (in 2016, gootoob deleted everything).  That's why Milkyy-Media is on LiBRarY. tv

"Wave 4" is an American and Israeli romance, a cultural exploration, also dealing with the historic rise of youtube.  MysterEy1 was one of the first paid content creators who was offered a contract from youtube in 2007. 

Check out our video samples there!$/invite/@Keyboa:b

Peter-Appleseed History in a Film/Vlog by PappyStu

A blast from the past!

NOTE april2020:  this video has since been removed by the Pappystu channel.  Not sure for what reason.  The full story will be told with the documentary Youtubia Broadcast Yourself Community

Peter Appleseed checking in again. great to find you still making videos. of course all my empire of channels was deleted and banned by GooTube several years ago. so I don't out much emphasize into the website anymore, except to watch occasionally. thank you for the mention. I'm busy with other projects now. perhaps in the future I will return. collaboration is always the hope! unity for Utubia!!

Nautical PappyStu Nautical PappyStu 10 minutes ago
Howdy old friend good to hear from you, I refused to participate in any of the commercialization which I expected and eventually did destroy the "pocket communities" and changed the face of "Tuberland" shrug And subsequently was relegated to a dusty closet... chuckle However since my motivation is strictly the joy of creating and producing productions and not being a "YouTube Star" the closet is fine with me... In fifty (or perhaps five) years no one will remember or care... LOL Hope things continue to be rewarding and successful there, stay well Pard...

Ahgamen Keyboa Ahgamen Keyboa 1 second ago
Nobody will remember after some years? I don't know, I think if we made history, it should linger in the minds of a later generation. Well, I suppose we must ride off into the sunset after it's all said and done.

I'm still enjoying the creative process, as an independent filmmaker, which are my roots. Check out my legal name search: tasciotti movies
I refuse to give youtube anymore freebies. Until they cut me a good deal. It's possible, according to my intel, that things are changing inside of Gootube. So we shall find out this year. Stay well, enjoy yourself in tuberland. Keep everybody in the loop. Tell 'em I said Hey!
Watch this vlog posted to Utubia/tuberland, by an old friend, my Pardner Pappystu (stukeck)  He gave a Shoutout at 02:29  It's a bit nostalgic and you hadda be there.  But what we can glean from this, is there was a real community, on the internet, in Utubia.  It existed before the current pandemic and before the recent social networking craze.  We were gathering together on the new site circa 2005-2006.  Then we formed an online government/council and I was elected President... and the rest it history.  The takeover by the commercialized Youtube and Gooogul (Morgul) put a swift end to our grassroots community.  I lament that but it was inevitable.  If you are looking for any of my original 8,000 (THOUSAND) videos, they are gone, deleted, erased, as if history never happened, because the greedy power-hungry fools inside the GooTube machine DELETED all I had worked upon for TEN years.  Anyhow, that story will be told when I finish the documentary Youtubia Broadcast Yourself Community

Video info: Published on Mar 27, 2020
Welcome to the Old Crowd Coming Home... The past few days have seen an awesome
return of a number of the old pocket community which has also emphasized
how many have not...

USS Ramage (DDG 61) Return to Homport


03.26.2020  Video by Petty Officer 2nd Class Joshua M Tolbert

Commander, U.S. 2nd Fleet

NORFOLK, Va. (Mar. 26, 2020) Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile
destroyer USS Ramage (DDG 61) returns from a deployment to Naval Station
Norfolk, Va. March 26, 2020. Ramage returned to Naval Station Norfolk
after the successful conclusion of a seven-month deployment. (U.S. Navy
video by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Joshua M. Tolbert)

work, USS Ramage (DDG 61) Return to Homport, by PO2 Joshua M Tolbert,
identified by DVIDS, must comply with the restrictions shown on

appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does
not imply or constitute DoD endorsement." 001just4fun

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