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Penelope Palmer Interview | Warhol star actress daughter Ivy Nicholson


This video is one of the recordings made of Tasciotti interviewing Penelope Palmer, informal setting at a hotel lobby. It's a casual conversation. She is featured in Movies of Tasciotti retrospective. 
Penelope Palmer was born to her father, movie director Palmer who was working with Warhol and her mother, Ivy Nicholson, star of Andy Warhol factory.  Having this kind of start to life, she was immersed in the world of arts and entertainment.  
Penelope is a unique and creative personality.  She has acted in numerous films, notably in an experimental film by Andy Warhol, when she was an baby, also with Klaus Kinske.  Penelope had a featured role in The Dead Life, the movie by Ivy Nicholson.

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