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Athletic Gymnastic Acrobatic in the Jungle | Heyvazealia | Milkyy-Media

Vintage material low-res footage, experimental production. Heyvazealia 2008
for the Keyboa Tribal nation aka KYYBOA
Amazing fun in the wilderness!!!
Basic description of video on youtube: Fun Wildlife!! Loves Wilderness! c.2008 She's exploring the lush jungle! She's athletic and gymnastic and acrobatic. Watch death-defying leaps. antics, exciting adventure. This is the younger days of Heyvazealia - vintage material of her! She was doing her project Element-Alchemy with Peter-Appleseed aka they are Ahgamen-Keyboa-Heyvazealia

Kyyboa tribe | Milkyy-Media

The Kyyboa Tribe is back!

Kyyboa has returned!  What does that mean?  Focus on the word Kyyboa for a moment.  There was a protocol that it would be spelled Keyboa on the internet.  A rule which was imposed since 2016.  Search engines beware! Remember that? Around 2015 it was discovered that Kyyboa hardly ever turned up and was force redirected to K E Y B O A R D (as in piano, synthesizer, or computer, device, etc)  But this was not originally connected with Kyyboa.  Kyyboa is actually a tribe.  Anyhow, because of technical errors or A.I weaknesses (it could've been a subliminal shadow-ban hunh?) the action was taken by the founder, to change Kyyboa to Keyboa.  That is now being reversed!!  We are resuming function with the word Kyyboa.  Let's find out what happens.  This video will represent Kyyboa's re-emergence and triumphant conquering of the world wide web... sort of.  This tribe doesn't really belong to the internet, it is above and beyond such a construct.  Long live the truth of Kyyboa!!! amen
and so, this is a small piece of the full movie. A featurette or short movie which is going to be finished in the near future.  Take a look at what is on the basic iMovie dashboard: 
Kyyboa Tribe short movie in post-production, as part of TimeSpace Chronicles epic series

One of the prequels, or the part of the series before this one (on TimeSpace Chronicles - Wave#F) looks like this, a previous video clip on Milkyy Media Yt channel

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