"TimeSpace Chronicles: Wave 4" Conch videoclip

This is an excerpt from "TimeSpace Chronicles: Wave 4"  Let's just call it the Conch Shell in the Mountains scene.  This was filmed in the Catskill Mountains during the summer more than a decade ago. 

Note:  "TimeSpace Chronicles" is a movie series and we are producing the part which is called "Wave F".  The alternative title is Gold Mine Gang.

"Wave 4" does not have another title as of yet.

The story of "Wave 4" features the life of a newly married couple, named according to their youtube channels, Myzzty and MysterEy1 (in 2016, gootoob deleted everything).  That's why Milkyy-Media is on LiBRarY. tv

"Wave 4" is an American and Israeli romance, a cultural exploration, also dealing with the historic rise of youtube.  MysterEy1 was one of the first paid content creators who was offered a contract from youtube in 2007. 

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*All the videos clips from Post-Production of "TimeSpace Chronicles" are compiled on the Milkyy-Media "TimeSpace Chronicles" VIDEOS page CLICK TO GO TO  https://www.milkyymedia.com/p/timespace-chronicles-videos-collection.html

Video version on Vimeo

Keyboa-Tribe Conch Shell in Mountains from Ahgamen Keyboa on Vimeo.

These are the early days of Keyboa, documented. It is an excerpt of "TimeSpace Chronicles Wave #4" with Mr.E Peter Appleseed aka Ahgamen and his bride Myzzty Tamar. This is before 1Shylah Shylah1

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