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MacroCandy Game | TimeSpace waves!

MacroCandy Game | TimeSpace waves!

Take a look at some of the images of the work in progress.  It's a visual and a painting, the first of its kind! Check it out....

You may wonder what is the MacroCandy game?  Basic info revealed below!!

Milky Way | Milkyy Movie | Scientific documentary | Chronocosmonomy

Milky Way Milkyy Movie


TimeSpace waves

Just to give you an idea of the vast incredible research that has to be done to develop our Milkyy movie... here are some pictures to fill your mind with wide wonder! 

Debut of Convos with Agaman aka Tasciotti - series

"Convos with Agaman aka. Tasciotti"

Dan from Boston in Burlington Vermont, Steve Moyer, Steve Moyers, Agaman, Ahgamen, Tasciotti 

the infinite series of conversations

Recent videos incl. Fireside Chat experimental

Fire Place for Fireside Chat

The most recent: Fireside Chat #3 with KITTENS

First experimental shoot.

Historic religious sites explored

Milkyy Blog List