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Tasciotti movie | REBELS OF 1985 excerpt#3 | Christine Morris Scott Rich...

Movies of Tasciotti excerpt#3 Circa 1986 A.D.

The founder of Milkyy Media Syndicate has been working at making movies a long-time - in an industry that is rife with gossip, drama, injustice, egos, criminal intent, but that's just the good stuff... jk.  There is a lot of positive and still has great potential, if we raise the vibration level.  That means higher consciousness.  With the release of documentaries by Tasciotti, P.Ed. humanity can enter into a new era of movies and ETERNAL ENTERTAINMENT.  FIND OUT NOW, but Tasciotti has been proceeding gradually, all in good timing.

Movies of Tasciotti, movie-director Tasciotti, P.Ed. has been at it since the 1980's. Everybody knows that and it's been a long journey, with unlimited patience. There's no rush when doing something for posterity. It's eternal entertainment. This excerpt features: Scott Richmond (more visible in the other excerpt), Christine Morris and her wonderful smile, Christopher Liberto, and of course Tasciotti 

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New Method of Production

What can we do now?  Under quarantine?  We have a proposed method of production, which has to be considered due to the current  PROBLEMS, SETBACKS of the world.  It is not a new method.  Yet it is a new plan to be depending on such a technique.  Basically, this is the Self-Tape method!  Selftapes with tons of post-production at our studio.

Self tape is the new wave

What does this mean for the movies we can make?  It will be based on all self-tape content, sewn together in the editing.  Will it be good?  Let's find out!

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