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Will Smith Chris Rock? Click link below to=go=to Ahgamen's opinion

Ahgamen keyboA_: Academy Awards shocking incident | Chris Rock Will...: Look at where the planets are now - night after the Academy Awards fakery w- Will Smith Chris Rock Originally posted on --- 

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Hollywood Woes, Threat of IATSE Strike

Hollywood and "the Mainstream Movie Industry" are having a lot of problems lately!  Is it any wonder?  Workers are complaining about the wages, citing the greed of "the suits".  The studios are defending themselves by claiming they are in recovery from the lockdowns a.k.a. the pandemic. 

Does any of this affect the plans of Milkyy Media Syndicate?  Yes in a positive way. Thank you very much. What's bad for the established industry is what's good for us.  Potentially we will be able to edge in and solve the long-standing problems.  Not all of those, but we could create something new in this amazing field of human endeavors. 

Good luck to the protesters!

Ideally if Hollywood keeps being greedy and producing worthless movies, then the industry will crumble. That's karma. 

Don't worry, you can join the Syndicate. It will begin the Era of Milkyy Media!

New Method of Production

What can we do now?  Under quarantine?  We have a proposed method of production, which has to be considered due to the current  PROBLEMS, SETBACKS of the world.  It is not a new method.  Yet it is a new plan to be depending on such a technique.  Basically, this is the Self-Tape method!  Selftapes with tons of post-production at our studio.

Self tape is the new wave

What does this mean for the movies we can make?  It will be based on all self-tape content, sewn together in the editing.  Will it be good?  Let's find out!

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