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So many stars, we are a galaxy!

Milkyy Media Syndicate

What is the current phase of the Milkyy plans?  While we know that we want to be the biggest platform in the world one day, it's going to take an enormous amount of work!  That's getting done step by step, little by little. 

Right now, the Matrix documentary is going into a process of refinement. Its takes a great effort to do this without cooperation. The hidden story behind the Matrix franchise should be produced and broadcast to the world!
Beyond that, the movies of Tasciotti are resurfacing, having been recovered from lost archives of the past decades. Why is this important for Milkyy?  Because it's depth and perseverance proving. Forty plus years of proof. One man's artistry and life's work. That is the seed, the foundation of the Syndicate, from which everything else can expand. 
This material from "the good old days" will be submitted to film festivals. That is going to be a first time! Never been in a festival and it's a good time to start. 

We are also producing the movie by the grandfather of Tasciotti, about the Hudson River Railroad Bridge Fire. His grandfather is Philip Frank Tasciotti Sr. 1921-1995. This film is to be featured regionally around Poughkeepsie where the historic event occurred. It was a tragedy for the region and even though it destroyed the railroad activities, the bridge was repurposed as a walkway over the Hudson! 

There's much more going on at Milkyy Media! Stay tuned...

Update on Matrix investigative documentary, a la psycho-thriller

Milkyy Media Syndicate


Our documentary of the real life story behind the Matrix Movie Series. 

This website started with that as our main focus. It is coming around full circle now forwards and backwards in the manner of TimeSpace waves.  More info will be posted here this second half of Summer. 

Notwithstanding the sentiments and activism of Thomas althouse, the show must go on. He did say, we finish this. Well we do have the rights. 

Milkyy Media proto-Studio

Milkyy Media proto-Studio

Where is it? 
Who produces there? What goes on?

It's a secret location, nestled into the hills of beautiful New York state (upstate, obviously not in the big city) We have some equipment there and lots of movie and media files!  Lots of drama, which is supposed to be captured on film.

Please note: lawsuit to recover certain files which were stolen by malicious fanatics - court trial is still pending.  This is regarding the MATRIX documentary.

Lots of work and editing is going on; all around the creation process is flowing!! 

Tom always says WE FINISH THIS

In the Twitterverse we find: Tom Althouse and Angela (apparently new manager) promoting their #ReclaimMatrix-version of the "Immortals/Matrix Redeemed" movie, which is first originally (in 2018) the published idea and book/screenplay by Ahgamen produced by Milkyy Media (aka Peter Tasciotti). They call for justice on their twitters more power to them, but they don't want you to know about the true documentary; they want to keep tweeting, yet film nothing and perpetuate the non-cooperation and breach of contract. 

This is the true story of Thomas Parks Althouse, the actual creator of The Matrix story. It is the movie adaptation of his life and times, the behind the scenes experiences which have been hidden from the public. Instead of the false legend of the Wachowskis writing it and Warner Brothers producing it, The Matrix was actually stolen from Thomas. Read and find out the facts. Beware, this is only for those brave enough to learn the TRUTH. Details  Publication Date     6/10/2019 Language     English ISBN     9780359694488 Category     Fiction - Children Copyright     All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License Contributors     By (author): Ahgamen Kyyboa

They talk about Tom's former lawyer when his case "was thrown", indeed an important part of the story Ahgamen documented first. Tom figured out these crimes only when Ahgamen did all the work with him from 2018-2019.  Now we have a story within a story within a story. You can't make this up! Well you can! It's why fact is stranger than fiction, by far!!

Thomas Althouse in breach of contract for documentary of Matrix movie "Matrix redeemed" aka "The Immortals Redeemed", by Milkyy Media SyndicateInforming BearClawproductions on twitter that Thomas Althouse is in breach of contract with his partner Tasciotti of Milkyy Media Syndicate. We finish this! yes Tom, we do.

Maybe this man (Tom Althouse) needs to be held accountable, Angela?  Milkyy Media and myself are able and willing to get this done.  You really want to FINISH this?  Tom and Angela you need to realize, I'm not Spielberg's guy, Peter. STEVEN SPIELBERG'S GUY?  Get outta here.  Spielberg does not tell me what to do and he is not in control of this production!

Update - on twitter (unfortunately, don't use it much; neither facebook, instagram, etc.)

#reclaimMatrix Initiated a public discussion w- @Bearclawprods about the @AlthouseTom story. We had an agreement he does not abide. The documentary of the Matrix movie is exclusive to MilkyyMedia Syndicate llc as redpill78 was informed! 
Tasciotti movie director meeting with Thomas Althouse writer of The Immortals and Christopher Koulouris journalist, after signing exclusive agreement to produce The MATRIX documentary by Milkyy Media Syndicate llc JULY-22 2019

Tasciotti movie director meeting with Thomas Althouse writer of The Immortals and Christopher Koulouris journalist, after signing exclusive agreement to produce The MATRIX documentary by Milkyy Media Syndicate llc JULY-22 2019

Tasciotti movie director meeting with Thomas Althouse writer of The Immortals and Christopher Koulouris journalist, after signing exclusive agreement to produce The MATRIX documentary by Milkyy Media Syndicate llc JULY-22 2019

New project: "TimeSpace" "Gold Mine Gang" retro-western adventure/drama

 *New project has been greenlit, to replace the production of The Matrix! 

TimeSpace Chronicles

Wave F.1 : Gold Mine Gang 

aka. King Solomon's Temple

Pro IMDB info

public IMDB

job listing

If you already contacted our studio since the pre-Spring announcement, then we have your info already.  This is a reminder and update!  The news is that MATRIX project is on-hold due to conflicts and litigation:  Info below (instead of going to IMDB to read)

Feature Film | Starts: Sep 30, 2020 | Filming in: Remote

TimeSpace Chronicles: Wave F.1 is the full immersive series which began with the Gold Mine Gang movie. This is in the category of documentary with extensive narration. [note: this project is greenlit after "The Matrix Disen'franchise" became delayed due to Lawsuits (2) in District Court. If you submitted to the Matrix from March 2020 until present, you will be considered for TimeSpace Chronicles if you express interest. You will be working independently virtually, as a result of the pandemic/quarantines. Therefore we are facing two huge setbacks, but we are moving forward] Your location can be anywhere in the world. This movie is a retro-Western style of look and characterization. A Wild West look is preferred, if possible. Acting style will vary, in a creative unique approach to the story and filmstyle. It is definitely a genre bender.  


Featured, 1 - 140 yrs, Non-Union, Paid
All applicants for The Matrix Redeemed (The Immortals) are automatically considered for roles. We do have your info, this is merely a reminder as attached to the new project. TimeSpace Chronicles! write to: We are seeking all types, but prefer/require something that will fit with our retro Western style and story. Be as Wild West as possible. Improv is encouraged. Sides will be available and most of the job is done remotely, you must be independent and computer saavy to send clips to the studio. Pay is possible, per contract. Some roles available for more work. Others however will be credited but non-paid. Those will be possible to become paid roles in the future series. 

General editing work

Editor, Non-Union
Editors are needed for project with most of content already filmed, some narration scenes being produced currently. The material will be creatively produced for a retro-western look. Original soundtracks and musical score being added. The movie will be the first of its kind! Digitally and using the available technologies, will not be linear and traditional. yet will have aspects of gaming and social networking in the website with app. In other words, fully integrated with the movie is interactivity and many hyperlinked banners and buttons, leading the participant on an unending adventure. Editing and computer programmers to work in tight coordination. This is epic and the universe of Milkyy Media!

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