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Rosalie Tenseth homage

One of the great comedic talents! A great past member of Milkyy Media productions (we hope to work with again)!  The amazing actress, Rosalie Tenseth!!!

Of course, what you should know, she played a phenomenal supporting role in the ensemble cast of the epic satire "In Search of Myster Ey"!  Her role was as the character Gwendolyn, the celebrity interviewer! IMDB listing here She can follow a script expertly, and is extremely skilled at improv as well.

 Check out her official website

Shout out to a great star, Rosalie!

In Search of Myster Ey page created

On the new page for our movie "In Search of Myster Ey", you can find all the movie stills and publicity shots.  This past production was a legendary part of establishing today's Syndicate.  


A radical, new indie studio emerges in the City. Everyone feels the buzz and wants some of the action. But who's floating the production? Who's this Myster Ey? Where's the mastermind in charge of things? He's been spotted by inquiring minds, but nobody can verify his identity. In fact, too many wannabes are claiming to be him. How many scammers are running around in the industry? One thing is for sure, there's going to be trouble on the movie set! In a complex society there are two perspectives... One is the microcosm - the individual looks at the group and what does he see? Is it a reflection of himself in them? The other is the macrocosm, the group looks at the individual and what do they see? Do they all see themselves in him? Do they identify with him? Perhaps a bit too much. Especially concerning the individual known as Mister E. Does the E stand for: eager? evil? energy? example? enigma? Simply put, Mister E is Mister E-go, pure ego.

Starring:  Rosalie Tenseth, Tamar Elhayani, Folake Olowofoyeku, Peter Appleseed, Rico Racine, Al Burgo, Eva Minemar, and Miho Nakamura, among others.  Listing on IMDB

Here is a "Black-x White-x" Review of the youtube page for Myster Ey

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