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Julia Walsh Oatmeal by Ahgamen

Julia Walsh says, "This is the stuff dreams are made of". Was she referring to something here, the video itself, the documentary, the future of Milkyy Media?  Or just the oatmeal on the spoon?  Probably not.

Julia Walsh is a special kind of character.  

Sometimes as a cartoonish effect, she will be Sunshine the Clown.  That is also her, some kinda alter ego.  Sunshine the Clown is fun for the kids at party.  A very nice clown.  And that is something Milkyy Media would like to explore, maybe with Sunshine's help.  It is the topic of CLOWNS.  What is the truth about Clowns??  

Kids Obey the Control Device! When gaming the system!

TimeSpace Chronicles 

newest releases fresh outta the production mills at Milky Media studio!!!  These are experimental mixes... Or edits. Whatever you want to call it, eh. 

Same video below, rough version 

David Knight documentary


This is the EnternetGlobal/ Milkyy Media Documentary of David Knight in Kingston, NY 2021 May 28.  It is raw, spontaneous, Not-in-a-studio, on-the-street recording of Knight's convos with random people after the Peace and Freedom festival event.  That event was sponsored by Gerald Celente

More info can be found at Gerald Celente + David Knight

video description:  Director Peter Tasciotti convo with David Knight live in New York. 2021 May 28.  This is a raw, spontaneous documentary of Peter's meeting with David which continues various discussion of topics.  Took place after the Peace and Freedom festival, which was organized by Gerald Celente and "Occupy Peace" in Kingston, NY.  Some people are asking David Knight random questions, general discussion of the current events we are living through in the USA and Around the world.  Topics include: Christianity, Bible, Constitution, American History, home-schooling, eschatology, health, freedom, etc.
The portion where Alex Jones was mentioned has been edited out, that will be posted at a later date.
Documentary produced by EnternetGlobal and Milkyy Media Syndicate 2021
(note: this does have audio sync issues, towards the last half of clip, the audio is lagging.  Our apologies, the editing error causes that problem)
IMPORTANT:  Milkyy Media and Tasciotti have a policy about religion, government, politics, race, and other social subdivisions.  The policy is basically to remain neutral and centralized.  Speaking for himself first and foremost, as founder of the group, Tasciotti is neither left wing nor right wing, no limitation to religion, although respecting the best Wisdom within all religions.  Not dwelling on the superficialities and political correctness of the racism, the classism, and other types of categorizations.

Basic Carpentry to make Cat Sanctuary

attn: good question was posed, regarding why the newest released video was made using a cheap camera? I'm glad you asked. We have civil action now, lawsuit to recover/compensation for the theft and destruction of our camera equipment and files for the Matrix documentary. Yes that is correct and true. The crime which happened over the course of the past year, took place mainly in Mississippi and Tennessee. Stay tuned, the lawsuit will take time. It is filed in U.S. District court. many delays.

NOTE: the timestamp on the video should be ignored, it is incorrect and the cheap camera keeps resetting it when the new memory card is put in or battery dies, etc. A documentary, filmed in one continuous scene with simple digital camera and postproduction edit on flowblade. Features peter appleseed carpenter, using basic carpentry skills to build a simple, rough version of a cat sanctuary. This is not exactly a formal how-to, so please do not assume it is. This is a documentary, mainly of interest to students of Civilogia and fans of former youtube community leader, UtubiaPresident peter appleseed. Unity for Utubia. Of course, before and after he was President, peter was a carpenter and builder. This club house refurbished as a cat sanctuary is because his children had pet cats and they wanted a special new home. The old club house was perfect for that, or should we say purr-fect.

In Search of Myster Ey page created

On the new page for our movie "In Search of Myster Ey", you can find all the movie stills and publicity shots.  This past production was a legendary part of establishing today's Syndicate.  


A radical, new indie studio emerges in the City. Everyone feels the buzz and wants some of the action. But who's floating the production? Who's this Myster Ey? Where's the mastermind in charge of things? He's been spotted by inquiring minds, but nobody can verify his identity. In fact, too many wannabes are claiming to be him. How many scammers are running around in the industry? One thing is for sure, there's going to be trouble on the movie set! In a complex society there are two perspectives... One is the microcosm - the individual looks at the group and what does he see? Is it a reflection of himself in them? The other is the macrocosm, the group looks at the individual and what do they see? Do they all see themselves in him? Do they identify with him? Perhaps a bit too much. Especially concerning the individual known as Mister E. Does the E stand for: eager? evil? energy? example? enigma? Simply put, Mister E is Mister E-go, pure ego.

Starring:  Rosalie Tenseth, Tamar Elhayani, Folake Olowofoyeku, Peter Appleseed, Rico Racine, Al Burgo, Eva Minemar, and Miho Nakamura, among others.  Listing on IMDB

Here is a "Black-x White-x" Review of the youtube page for Myster Ey

We feature People meeting Animals

At the Emu Farm
Visiting at the Emu Farm by PeterAppleseed enternetglobal on Vimeo (also on twitter) circa 2010 and distributed 2020 by Milkyy Media Syndicate

Documentary from a wonderful little farm in the southern US, the state of Florida. Here are people from the city discovering the life of animals, emus and also an appearance by a pig/hog. The juxtaposition of urban residents with wild and domesticated creatures of the farm is interesting. Each time we meet a different animal, it's a new experience of wonder and amazement. 

Note: this was originally uploaded under the distribution of "enternetglobal" (through Vimeo), which had later gone defunct, but has gotten renewed in 2020.  EnternetGlobal will not be for the distribution of videos, which is now the mission of MilkyyMedia.  EnternetGlobal will be for what it was always intended, since the 1990's - as a portal to enter the virtual world in cyberspace.  more on this distinction in later posts. 

EnternetGlobal at the Emu Farm from Peter Appleseed on Vimeo.

Emus and children have a meeting. EnternetGlobal at the Emu Farm

EnternetGlobal at the Emu Farm 2 from Peter Appleseed on Vimeo.

Children feed Emus . EnternetGlobal at the Emu Farm

Recent videos incl. Fireside Chat experimental

Fire Place for Fireside Chat

The most recent: Fireside Chat #3 with KITTENS

First experimental shoot.

Historic religious sites explored