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How to Continue despite Chaos of Pandemick

You may be wondering, in this period of widespread chaos due to the Pandemick, what can we do about our movie interests?  You may wonder how can we continue to do what we enjoy despite this Crisis?  How do we continue with what we are passionate about?

We have the answer!  Stay tuned here for the optimistic advice!  We implore you to continue in your pursuits.  If one door closes, because of fear and ignorance, then another door opens, which is offering wisdom and strength!

Milkyy Media is the inspirational voice for this day and age of fear.  Milkyy Media will overcome.  If you join us, you will be able to succeed as well.

The alternative is to FAIL as Hollywood is doing at this very moment, FAILING in a huge way!!!  Hollywood is being destroyed, as we speak.  Witness it for yourself, the writing is even on the wall, in the Hollywood-affiliated Mainstream Media.  If you haven't read any articles, check out a few.  Be careful not to waste your time reading too many.  It's all the same.  The negativity, the paranoia, the fear, the downfall.  We expected it, we accept it now as happening before our very eyes.  It is UNRECOVERABLE.

Now we step up to fill the void.  Milkyy Media is the one to watch.

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