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Just a little competition with YOUTUBE since we are hearing that the oly thing they excel at is CAT VIDEOS!!

Ahgamen keyboA_: Fear of War between USA and Russia

Ahgamen keyboA_: Fear of War between USA and Russia:  USA vs. Russia War Currently, there is discussion of such a scenario.  Yet this is cyclic, all throughout the so-called Cold War.  The spec... 

Will there be War between Russia and USA?

We resume our Current Events analysis

Dangerous talk between those superpowers!  What is going on with the UN-civilized civilization? (says Ghandi)  This is a hot topic! Something of concern to our fans and viewers. Of course its more important than entertainment and media.  Let's get real.

This is a harsh world, not to be pessimistic.  But you just don't know who to trust theeeeese days!  You need to feel secure. We do have the answer about these rumors of war!!  If you can't wait, go to http://ahgamen.net (not https)

Matrix movies | documentary | Matrix Redemption | Milkyy-Media


Matrix movie explained, science-fiction documentary. True origins of the idea and storyline, based upon screenplay by another author. Matrix franchise watered down the script. Our documentary on the Matrix movies will reveal a shocking cover-up. In production: MATRIX REDEMPTION aka Immortals Redeemed. Immortals was the original title of the screenplay (the science project). https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11574780/  

Robert Winthrop Chanler | Fine Art | Ohdavam | Milkyy-Media

Sitar raga | Diana Waldron | series1a Remix | Milkyy Media Music


Milkyy Media also has some assorted videos available on VIMEO platform.  In case you are a Vimeo user, here's the link to our offerings...  https://vimeo.com/videos2018

Athletic Gymnastic Acrobatic in the Jungle | Heyvazealia | Milkyy-Media

Vintage material low-res footage, experimental production. Heyvazealia 2008
for the Keyboa Tribal nation aka KYYBOA
Amazing fun in the wilderness!!!
Basic description of video on youtube: Fun Wildlife!! Loves Wilderness! c.2008 She's exploring the lush jungle! She's athletic and gymnastic and acrobatic. Watch death-defying leaps. antics, exciting adventure. This is the younger days of Heyvazealia - vintage material of her! She was doing her project Element-Alchemy with Peter-Appleseed aka they are Ahgamen-Keyboa-Heyvazealia

Milkyy animated imagery

Milkyy Media mini-movies: 

Wheat-pennies old coins!

Visual Artist working on Milkyy project TimeSpace Chronicles

Milkyy Media is making progress on TimeSpace Chronicles project

Milkyy Media is making progress! We're happy to announce an update about our TimeSpace Chronicles project!  The project is of the most epic proportions and is basically a history series, with a unique twist.  TimeSpace Chronicles is structured around the new perspective on the passage of Time and of Space, as invented by the author of it.  These Chronicles utilize a device known as MapCharts to help with navigation through Time and Space.  It is actually scientifically-derived.
    We are working with a well-known and long-established artist (fill in the blank here) - his name will not be announced until we finish the delicate process of the artwork.  It is very fortunate and auspicious to have someone of his capabilities on board.  It will help to keep things top-notch and high quality.  
    Basically, this work is the final step in finishing the early phase of producing TimeSpace Chronicles.  Some of you may have watched any of the experimental video mashes, but none of that does it justice.  The forthcoming series will be a wonderful ground-breaking event.  Believe you me!!! 
    Since the Winter season of 2018-2019, the MapCharts were being developed.  That's three long years!  During that period, all of the development was conducted on "rough drafts" of the MapCharts.  As of this juncture, we are proud to say that we successfully completed this initial phase! 
    Upon finishing this last step of the early phase, we will embark on the next phase.  Very thankful we made it through the developmental phase.  It was an amazing journey of discovery.  During the upcoming phase, we will be able to release to the public the polished version of the MapCharts.  Hoping you will be interested and as you are able to examine this artistic and scientific device, you are sure to stay fascinated!  
    Milkyy Media has so many stars, we are the galaxy... and these revolutionary MapCharts will prove that to all our viewers and fans!

Sitar Raga | Diana Waldron | series 3 | Milkyy-Media

Music videos from Our Series3 of Sitar by Diana Waldron. Series 3 contains four separate ragas.
raga #4 of series-3

raga #2 of series-3

Matrix Movie Documentary


Update to the production:

Initially it's important to understand the basis for this project. The MATRIX Movie is not what it appears to be.  In other words it's a deception and a fraud. The franchise is rife with dishonesty. 

This documentary intends to explain what's the situation behind this whole popular institution. It intends to depict a detailed timeline of how the script was actually originated. The hidden original screenplay. However most of this scenario is built solely upon the claims of one man.  Are the crucial facts proven?  Is there sufficient evidence?  The documentary seeks to answer those questions!

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