Matrix = Plagiatrix?

MATRIX was stolen and cobbled together from a denied and hidden source! (or sources?)

What is the Truth?  We really should uncover it.  

Here is another aspect of the case, as described in the discussion thread!  Read it and ponder the implications.... 

Hi Peter,

Just to be clear, without going into too much detail, some similarities of my work with the Matrix franchise:

- jumped from the roof with open arms without falling.

- digital shooting stars

- digital room

- running girl in latex (3D) with outstretched hands

- room with mosaic videos and main character dressed in black

- middle finger and definition of the matrix, subject dream/reality

- secret technique bullet time (morphs between keyframes)

- rippled mirror

- black cat

- The Matrix Resurrections:

                     - rooftop scene with Keanu Reeves in pajamas, pigeon flies away, door opens

                     - dilapidated church/theater with spotlight

- etc.

Kind regards
Mark from Belgium

In response: 

 Hi again Mark - in Belgium! 

We, artists and creators!  Hard-working writers never get enough credit nor profit.  Hollywood industry people are always stealing property, fact! RICO act!  Look up my lawsuit in Federal jurisdiction, against the Trews, son and father.  Trew Audio is a production company.  It is: Tasciotti, Bishop et al. VS. Trew

Well i guess you want to continue the discussion. As this thread re-activates it.

It is all very interesting what you say. But I have to follow the trail, what are the connections? How did they get access to your material? Your I.P.  Let us get into details and the evidence, at some point.  You list does not have sources, which point to the specific material you wrote and own.  I can only take it as a gleaned list of scenes from the Matrix franchise itself.  Where did Warner Bros. studio and the Wachowski’s get those scenes?  Where indeed?  Maybe Tom has stated explicitly to me that they originate from his work? His script, which I have examined. 

If you want to get in on the full and authentic documentary, it would depend upon some ratioal evidence being agreed upon. We can work towards that goal, but if I reavlize it is just not there, then you would just be a scammer footnote (for laughs). I mean it will be fascinating, that you are somebody that tries to throw us off the research work and production work.  That is worhty of some inclusion, but not in the way you are saying that you would want it. 

However, if it is proven, then ylou will be elevated to a genuine status. 

I’m willing to keep investigating. 

The proverbial rabbit-hole goes deeper and deeper.


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