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Milkyy Media presents: TimeSpace Chronicles

(in conjunction with Civilogia Instituto)

These are the epic tales of mythical adventure, stories of a semi-fictional, quasi-biographical nature (cf. Memoirs of the Keyboa Early Dynasty). These writings are screenplays for the basis of an ongoing movie series, the Greatest epic saga of Biblical proportions about the post-olde civilization.

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Popular title: The Hippie Commune (for some strange illegal reason, has been censored off of their flawed site, poor Bezos hires idiots)


introductory note: this intellectual property is based upon the collective work which was done in past years, upon the voluntary effort of many participants. On one level, it was all documentary, real-life, compiled within the proprietary archives of the Executive of Milkyy Media LLC, the Continuator.  On another operative level, it was all a grand experiment, quite controlled, informal and subtle.

The overarching mission was/is historical purposes. The reason why subsequently, the organization was formed – Peg Leg Historical Society of Entertainment in Poughkeepsie circa2022June10. The story you are about to explore to the fullest extent possible, is derived from real experiences, in the specific time-period. The ongoing intention is to present for posterity, each and every event as a human lesson for the comprehension of overall civilization. All dignity and glory of living the life is preserved, as it should be, the great and the small inclusively.  All respect is given to the personal, historic memories of those included, especially one of the main figures who was the inspiration for the whole saga: Peg Leg Bates. More background info about him is posted on IMDB and other websites. Much more in-depth knowledge of Peg Leg and other people will be found as you journey through the epic tale!

[legal note: all those included are immortalized and absolutely protected by the eternal prerogative of the Keyboa Law]

    This very story is almost perfect as a segue, tying-it-to the MapChart-predicted reactivation of the Beatnik Era, as a Neo-Beatnik revival around the continent and the world. This will include elements of: free-form jamming music style of early Jazz, all sorts of artists, poets, the Bohemians, free-spirit, free-love, experimental drug-substance culture, pre-proto-Hippy movement, quasi-Buddhist, hedonistic-yet-detached way of life which is the Beatnik Way. All of which was influenced by those proto-Influencers, such figures as: Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Allens Ginsburg, and others. They wandered around-about in San Francisco, New York City, Kansas City, and many far-flung places across the continental United States, small, lost rural locales, now ghost-towns. Recurrent thematic action is the road trip (motif) using those behemoth old, heavy-metal beasts of those Days; the now-vintage, classic automobiles of the 1950’s; Chevy, Ford, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Dodge, GM, and a few others (nothing imported or foreign at that point in history).

Now bear in mind, it is almost ‘perfect’ as a connection to our movie series at-hand, or vice versa. However, “the Hippy Commune” is more about the determination of settling down and living together as a large community, which is an extreme departure from the Beatnik attitude. Their modus operandis had been to live and rage through the American way as independent intellectuals. They were a kind of wayward individualist culture. They were counter-culture to the mainstream 1950’s America, those who were all settling into their houses with the white-picket fence and nuclear family dream. So the Beatniks were a fringe to that regular average stereotype. It is not that they didn’t make children and have families, but that side of life was not emphasized. It was more about focusing on the single life, the roaming, the partying, restlessness, rebel-without-a-cause.

Therefore the basic comparison is that the characters at “the Hippy Commune” were very similar in attitude and philosophy to the Beatniks, with the main difference being that the Hippies were settling down and the Beatniks were the ones who were avoiding the settling down. Were any of the characters at “the Commune” more of the Beatnik type? The only examples we have of that would be the loose-knit troupe of the poets and spoken-word artists who were connected with Mr. Ey the main character. This group is in fact, hailing back to the days of the previous wave, as (to-be) told in the epic tale of Wave#B! This group which had materialized around the intimate, intellectual movement at the Beatnik Cafe in Wappingers Falls. Check that out later (when available)!

There is a surreal and pivotal scene within “the Hippy Commune”, featuring Mr. EY on the telephone in his private writing room at Lincoln Avenue. He has done some research and located the last-known home of Jack Kerouac. The place is somewhere in Central Florida and he has obtained the telephone number to that residence. It is listed under the name of Kerouac’s loyal wife. Mr.Ey calls the number and…. When exactly this phone call happened, is in question. More meditation on the memories and sensibilities will have to be procuring the proper timeline. Obviously, it has major connection to the story-at-hand and the Beatniks, but we must be accurate – that is the only way in which this gigantic series of epic tales will exist. Honestly and factually, is the only way. Fact is stranger than fiction, which is why these are called Fictional-stories, they are so strange that no one will believe if they are labeled as the label “fact” – the connotation is rather inadequate.


a N.J. girl named Julia Walsh shows up in New Paltz

They Are all hanging out at the party house. Friendly Lisa is the hostess with the mostess. She came from Long Island to go-to-college here at New Paltz1. It is the regional college party town. If you want to have fun and meet people, this is one of the best places to go.

It’s a small-town, half of it literally is the college campus itself. It is actually called “hippie U.” by friends and foes alike. Whether you love them or loathe them, the hippies are here to stay.

1Technically named: the State University of New York at New Paltz, NY.

There are some scientific diagrams which will be offered 

and it is supplementary to the reading and viewing of All the imagery and some audio and narrative (which can easily be prepared and produced before the main-epic move trilogy). Such multimedia material can be rolled-out gradually, for new members/viewers, ASAP.

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