Rebels of 1985 | video clip #3

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 Below is an image still from the VIDEO, for the actual  VIDEO click the next image further below...
Scott Richmond and Peter Tasciotti in Rebels of 1985 movie

Rebels-of-1985 Independent Film video movie by Tasciotti movie directore. This clip features the whacky apartment complex salesman! Amazingly portrayed by actor Scott Richmond! Legendary and first-rate Improvisation. Yes total and raw IMPROV! LOL More info at Rebels-of-1985,Tasciotti movies,movies of Tasciotti,movies by Tasciotti,Milkyy-Media,Milkyy,Scott-Richmond,"Scott Richmond",Whacky,Funny,comedy comical,zany,madcap,wild,hilarious,creepy,insane,LOL,indie film,vintage,80s,1980s,Eighties,VHS,old-school,rave,crazy,silly,raw,Improv


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