Ahgamen keyboA_: ((K y y boa)) keyboa intro examples

Ahgamen keyboA_: ((K y y boa)) keyboa intro examples: This is a ((K y y boa)) keyboa AUDIO-VIDEO inspirational compilation requested by certain K-y-y-b-o-a helpers for new people, interested in us...

MacroCandy Game | TimeSpace waves!

MacroCandy Game | TimeSpace waves!

Take a look at some of the images of the work in progress.  It's a visual and a painting, the first of its kind! Check it out....

You may wonder what is the MacroCandy game?  Basic info revealed below!!

Ahgamen keyboA_: Who is? Jeopardy-show type Riddle

Ahgamen keyboA_: Who is? Jeopardy-show type Riddle:   Question for all of you, students of Civilogia.  Who are we talking about here?  Who fits this description?  These descriptors comprise a ...

new video clips

Watch our new videos of kidz having fun - on their search for imagined animals and - at home playing Ukelele!

World's #1 Firstever Vertical Video before SmartPhones | Milkyy-Media

World's #1 Firstever Vertical Video before SmartPhones | Milkyy-Media


   Welcome! What you are about to watch was way ahead of its time!!! 

Mariah Carey being Sued Copyright Infringement

 Mariah Carey in the news 

Milkyy Media reports on this, because it's interesting with all the Intellectual Property issues going on.  Mariah Carey is an artist / performer with a quantity of lucrative success, she's a relatively well-known celeb in the popular culture.  Having said that, she's been hit with a trending action in our Society, the action of lawsuit and defending our rights! 
Not saying that she is convicted, merely that she has been accused.  We are supposedly innocent until proven guilty!

A.I. artifical intelligence | Demonic DALL-E | secret language

     Is this A.I. demonic?  

    So I stumbled upon this, I think through drudgereport (recently taken over by A.I. also)  The gist of the article which is being hyped:  there is a computer program or something techie, called DALL-E, if I recall correctly.  This computer is an A.I. and it has been caught generating its own secret language.  It uses this language based upon words and images to do its thinking, supposedly.  They declare this is DEMONIC.  What a story!

    From the mind of Movie director Tasciotti, let's explore this briefly....

Peg Leg Bates highway | What is that about???

Cooperative Administration of Preservation Protocol Ltd. Co.: Peg Leg Bates highway | What is that about???:    Well, if they are going to memorialize - by naming the Peg Leg Bates highway, from Kingston to Ellenville and beyond, U.S. route 209 in....

Beauty and Attraction of Body | Human Life | Senses

What is Beauty, Attraction of the Bodies?

Human Life, Natural, Normal? 

Using the Senses, Aesthetics, Culture?

Beautiful Human Beings are an ongoing fascination and wonder to behold...  is the perception of the Beauty in the eye of the Beholder and in their soul?

This is an area for Milkyy Media to explore, as every good movie has an element of Beauty in its story....

The above image features a screenshot of a webpage dedicated to info about Michelle Novacich, who is the estranged stolen daughter of the founder of this Movie Studio, Tasciotti, P.Ed.  More info is on our webpage for the Biographical Documentary on Michelle Novvacich http://www.milkyymedia.com/p/the-legend-of-finchville-milkyy-media.html

Home-School | Kids Learn Ocean Facts | Milkyy-Media

This is a shout-out to all the Home-School families out there! Children love home-school! School is about leanring. This is just a documentary wherein the homeschool uses a video on the world wide web to learn about the ocean. This is the mental exploration of the ocean's depths and its creatures. 

Plenty of marine animals! 

This particular home-school is a part of Civilogia Instituto. https://homeschoolcivilogy.blogspot.com/

Tasciotti movie | REBELS OF 1985 excerpt#3 | Christine Morris Scott Rich...

Movies of Tasciotti excerpt#3 Circa 1986 A.D.

The founder of Milkyy Media Syndicate has been working at making movies a long-time - in an industry that is rife with gossip, drama, injustice, egos, criminal intent, but that's just the good stuff... jk.  There is a lot of positive and still has great potential, if we raise the vibration level.  That means higher consciousness.  With the release of documentaries by Tasciotti, P.Ed. humanity can enter into a new era of movies and ETERNAL ENTERTAINMENT.  FIND OUT NOW, but Tasciotti has been proceeding gradually, all in good timing.

Movies of Tasciotti, movie-director Tasciotti, P.Ed. has been at it since the 1980's. Everybody knows that and it's been a long journey, with unlimited patience. There's no rush when doing something for posterity. It's eternal entertainment. This excerpt features: Scott Richmond (more visible in the other excerpt), Christine Morris and her wonderful smile, Christopher Liberto, and of course Tasciotti http://tasciottimovies.milkyymedia.com/p/blog-page.html 

Tasciotti movies,early movies,video,youtube-documentary, Rebels of 1985, 1986, Scott-Richmond, Chris-Liberto, Christine-Morris, first-marriage,documentary,biopic, Poughkeepsie, New-York, fun, atari, 1980's


New random PeterAppleseed fam video. He's making a comeback... LOL


Exciting amazing real footage from Peter Appleseed and fam

Premiered 38 minutes ago
Hi! this is unedited. this is uncensored. it actually is!!! You know wht to xpect when you watch the Pr4esidnt/ (sp? intentional) it says: p r e s i d e n t e Shhhhhh they asre scanning and A.I. is up to no gooooot.

Ahgamen keyboA_: Pyramids | Bosnia | European pyramids?

Ahgamen keyboA_: Pyramids | Bosnia | European pyramids?: Are the Bosnian Pyramids real? In this post-modern world of the rampant takeover by fakes of all sorts, we must enquire and recover what is ...

Hang Drum Player at Carol Antun's party | with Shylah

Indian classical music | Diana Waldron | #3 series 3 | Milkyy-Media

Diana Waldron Sitar music - song - Indian raga

Will Smith Chris Rock? Click link below to=go=to Ahgamen's opinion

Ahgamen keyboA_: Academy Awards shocking incident | Chris Rock Will...: Look at where the planets are now - night after the Academy Awards fakery w- Will Smith Chris Rock Originally posted on --- 

Graphic Thesaurus for "honor" provided by FreeThesaurus.com

Animals and Wildlife | Milkyy loves the natural creatures

Animals and Wildlife | Milkyy loves the natural creatures

We love them even though some are in cages... for their safety and ours.  It's reality, right?  Can't have lions running loose!  Or lemurs! For their own safety! 

Bears Art Sculpture | tree carved | painting restoration

Ahgamen w- Milkyy Media artistry on ladders

Milkyy Media ~ Bears carved in pecan wood of old standing tree

Milkyy Media presents a work in progress! Bears!! Four bears on a tree!!  Actually carved into a standing tree outdoors.  As you might imagine, it gradually gets weathered and eroded by the elements. Therefore it had to be restored by these artists of Milkyy Media Syndicate. 

Artist Ahgayam managed the crew. The artwork was cleaned, buffed, and newly painted with fresh striking colours.  What a priceless treasure it is. We hope we created an incredible masterpiece for the public to enjoy!!! 

Ahgamen keyboa

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