Movies of Tasciotti, Director: Legend of Finchville: early life of Michelle Novac...


Michelle Novacich aka Emmanuelle with Karen Novacich

This is one of our important documentaries in production. Important because it is personal and family-oriented, it is about a crisis that is rampant, all across America and the whole world. It is the breaking of family, divorces, strife, disharmony. It's about what this war between man and woman is doing to the children, the next generation. It generates confusion and pain and there is the greatest need for healing. If this is not sacred as a human issue, then NOTHING is sacred. Think about that. Do you want to watch and find out? Maybe better and more real that all the TV dramas and soap operas, their version of the subject. Movies of Tasciotti, Director: Legend of Finchville: early life of Michelle Novac...: The documentary, true life story of Michelle Novacich and her early years is produced by her father, Tasciotti, Peter. It's called "The Legend of Finchville"...

"The Legend of Finchville" feature movie starring Michelle Novacich as a baby, her mother Karen Novacich and her father Peter Tasciotti. Michelle is also known as Emmanuelle, her original and preferred name. Finchville is a place, the place where the legend resides. Ahgapa knows FInchville. Karen knows Finchville. Emmanuelle should know FInchville. Finchville lives on forever, eternally! We were the Legend! Remember it well. The first Keyboa family on our own farm. Matthew Barbato also in this movie, was there. As was: Britt Terjanian, Jae Roberts, David Grein, John Stevens, Siuyoung Yao, Lance Harkin, and many more.... remember the legend forever.  

UPDATED Nov12,2021 The Legend of Finchville has its own page (similar info as here) on Movies of Tasciotti website

Basic Carpentry to make Cat Sanctuary

attn: good question was posed, regarding why the newest released video was made using a cheap camera? I'm glad you asked. We have civil action now, lawsuit to recover/compensation for the theft and destruction of our camera equipment and files for the Matrix documentary. Yes that is correct and true. The crime which happened over the course of the past year, took place mainly in Mississippi and Tennessee. Stay tuned, the lawsuit will take time. It is filed in U.S. District court. many delays.

NOTE: the timestamp on the video should be ignored, it is incorrect and the cheap camera keeps resetting it when the new memory card is put in or battery dies, etc. A documentary, filmed in one continuous scene with simple digital camera and postproduction edit on flowblade. Features peter appleseed carpenter, using basic carpentry skills to build a simple, rough version of a cat sanctuary. This is not exactly a formal how-to, so please do not assume it is. This is a documentary, mainly of interest to students of Civilogia and fans of former youtube community leader, UtubiaPresident peter appleseed. Unity for Utubia. Of course, before and after he was President, peter was a carpenter and builder. This club house refurbished as a cat sanctuary is because his children had pet cats and they wanted a special new home. The old club house was perfect for that, or should we say purr-fect.

Trust LBRY and Odysee?


LBRY is a new protocol for sharing files: video, audio, images, PDF, etc.  Is it decentralized?  What is platform?   Odysee is the 2.0 of  Should we trust this new phenomenon on the web?

LBRY is basically promoted as an alternative / COMPETITION to youtube which is owned by  google

Ahgamen gives erudite opinion on the LBRY venture.  Ahgamen poses thoughts and criticism, questions arise from this new start-up.

and the image below has only indirect relation to the subject of this post.. Just to remind everybody, we will still be working on the Matrix movie!

In Search of Myster Ey page created

On the new page for our movie "In Search of Myster Ey", you can find all the movie stills and publicity shots.  This past production was a legendary part of establishing today's Syndicate.  


A radical, new indie studio emerges in the City. Everyone feels the buzz and wants some of the action. But who's floating the production? Who's this Myster Ey? Where's the mastermind in charge of things? He's been spotted by inquiring minds, but nobody can verify his identity. In fact, too many wannabes are claiming to be him. How many scammers are running around in the industry? One thing is for sure, there's going to be trouble on the movie set! In a complex society there are two perspectives... One is the microcosm - the individual looks at the group and what does he see? Is it a reflection of himself in them? The other is the macrocosm, the group looks at the individual and what do they see? Do they all see themselves in him? Do they identify with him? Perhaps a bit too much. Especially concerning the individual known as Mister E. Does the E stand for: eager? evil? energy? example? enigma? Simply put, Mister E is Mister E-go, pure ego.

Starring:  Rosalie Tenseth, Tamar Elhayani, Folake Olowofoyeku, Peter Appleseed, Rico Racine, Al Burgo, Eva Minemar, and Miho Nakamura, among others.  Listing on IMDB

Here is a "Black-x White-x" Review of the youtube page for Myster Ey

We feature People meeting Animals

At the Emu Farm
Visiting at the Emu Farm by PeterAppleseed enternetglobal on Vimeo (also on twitter) circa 2010 and distributed 2020 by Milkyy Media Syndicate

Documentary from a wonderful little farm in the southern US, the state of Florida. Here are people from the city discovering the life of animals, emus and also an appearance by a pig/hog. The juxtaposition of urban residents with wild and domesticated creatures of the farm is interesting. Each time we meet a different animal, it's a new experience of wonder and amazement. 

Note: this was originally uploaded under the distribution of "enternetglobal" (through Vimeo), which had later gone defunct, but has gotten renewed in 2020.  EnternetGlobal will not be for the distribution of videos, which is now the mission of MilkyyMedia.  EnternetGlobal will be for what it was always intended, since the 1990's - as a portal to enter the virtual world in cyberspace.  more on this distinction in later posts. 

EnternetGlobal at the Emu Farm from Peter Appleseed on Vimeo.

Emus and children have a meeting. EnternetGlobal at the Emu Farm

EnternetGlobal at the Emu Farm 2 from Peter Appleseed on Vimeo.

Children feed Emus . EnternetGlobal at the Emu Farm

Recent videos incl. Fireside Chat experimental

Fire Place for Fireside Chat

The most recent: Fireside Chat #3 with KITTENS

First experimental shoot.

Historic religious sites explored

TimeSpace Chronicles Wave#5 into #F Haum Drama

video below the first image (it looks like a clickable video, but it isn't)

TimeSpace Chronicles movie series This movie-still is from to prequel to Gold Mine Gang, includes conversations between Haum and Ahgamen characters in the big city, before the wild west.

Another layer of the TimeSpace movie series.  This one is a bit of dramatic story-telling from a character, Haum. He's recounting his struggles; at the end of Wave#5 moving forward into Wave#F.  This period when the main characters are still in the big city, flows into "Gold Mine Gang"...

Tom always says WE FINISH THIS

In the Twitterverse we find: Tom Althouse and Angela (apparently new manager) promoting their #ReclaimMatrix-version of the "Immortals/Matrix Redeemed" movie, which is first originally (in 2018) the published idea and book/screenplay by Ahgamen produced by Milkyy Media (aka Peter Tasciotti). They call for justice on their twitters more power to them, but they don't want you to know about the true documentary; they want to keep tweeting, yet film nothing and perpetuate the non-cooperation and breach of contract. 

This is the true story of Thomas Parks Althouse, the actual creator of The Matrix story. It is the movie adaptation of his life and times, the behind the scenes experiences which have been hidden from the public. Instead of the false legend of the Wachowskis writing it and Warner Brothers producing it, The Matrix was actually stolen from Thomas. Read and find out the facts. Beware, this is only for those brave enough to learn the TRUTH. Details  Publication Date     6/10/2019 Language     English ISBN     9780359694488 Category     Fiction - Children Copyright     All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License Contributors     By (author): Ahgamen Kyyboa

They talk about Tom's former lawyer when his case "was thrown", indeed an important part of the story Ahgamen documented first. Tom figured out these crimes only when Ahgamen did all the work with him from 2018-2019.  Now we have a story within a story within a story. You can't make this up! Well you can! It's why fact is stranger than fiction, by far!!

Thomas Althouse in breach of contract for documentary of Matrix movie "Matrix redeemed" aka "The Immortals Redeemed", by Milkyy Media SyndicateInforming BearClawproductions on twitter that Thomas Althouse is in breach of contract with his partner Tasciotti of Milkyy Media Syndicate. We finish this! yes Tom, we do.

Maybe this man (Tom Althouse) needs to be held accountable, Angela?  Milkyy Media and myself are able and willing to get this done.  You really want to FINISH this?  Tom and Angela you need to realize, I'm not Spielberg's guy, Peter. STEVEN SPIELBERG'S GUY?  Get outta here.  Spielberg does not tell me what to do and he is not in control of this production!

Update - on twitter (unfortunately, don't use it much; neither facebook, instagram, etc.)

#reclaimMatrix Initiated a public discussion w- @Bearclawprods about the @AlthouseTom story. We had an agreement he does not abide. The documentary of the Matrix movie is exclusive to MilkyyMedia Syndicate llc as redpill78 was informed! 
Tasciotti movie director meeting with Thomas Althouse writer of The Immortals and Christopher Koulouris journalist, after signing exclusive agreement to produce The MATRIX documentary by Milkyy Media Syndicate llc JULY-22 2019

Tasciotti movie director meeting with Thomas Althouse writer of The Immortals and Christopher Koulouris journalist, after signing exclusive agreement to produce The MATRIX documentary by Milkyy Media Syndicate llc JULY-22 2019

Tasciotti movie director meeting with Thomas Althouse writer of The Immortals and Christopher Koulouris journalist, after signing exclusive agreement to produce The MATRIX documentary by Milkyy Media Syndicate llc JULY-22 2019

TimeSpace Chronicles Wave#G -into#7 Lunar eclipse keyboa altar


Art Film of Mountain Climb to Oasis Nightshot (contains snakes)


Part of the "Gold Mine Gang" movie. Mountain Climb to Oasis night from Ahgamen Keyboa on Vimeo.

The first part of the "gold Mine gang" movie. Which is one of the movie epics comprising the ongoing series of "TimeSpace Chronicles".  In this authentic "art film", Peter APPLESEED is explores the desert, climbing a rugged mountain. He climbs alone all-day and reaches an oasis high-up and drinks fresh spring water (in nightshot). Some Espanol spoken in background, this is at a Mexico location.

Bear in mind, this is in the style of "art film".  It is not commercialized, trashy, dumbed-down.  It's a unique art film which is a true documentary, in the natural world (with many artful effects however). 

Do you use any OTHER vid platforms?


Milkyy Media Syndicate has released several movie clips from our ongoing epic series "TimeSpace Chronicles"  This one is from Wave #4.

By OTHER, we are referring to so-called "alternative media" platforms.. y'know what dat is? Meaning NOT the mainstream ones, the major, top, huge ones, like the company that is hosting Our web gateway here. If you use bitCHUTE or want to try it out, start with our version of MILKYY on there

Check out this video first if you are unsure.  It's a parody, loaded with Truth! 


Heyvazealia launches Her Stance documentary


Heyvazealia launches the new production, entitled "Her Stance".  This project is an ensemble cast featuring women of creativity.  One is a Sitar Player documentary.  The Sitarist is Diana Waldron. 

Experimental versions of the material are being reviewed.  Various images and video clips of Diana playing Ragas on her Sitar are included on the dedicated page - click here to watch 


Heyvazealia keyboa launches her new production entitled "Her Stance", as movie director for diverse women of talent. This project is with producer and cinematographer ahgamen, Milkyy Media Syndicate 2020

Protesters movie linked

Update on "Protesters" the movie

On the site-menu, Protesters is now linked to its dedicated site.  Here are a few of the newer Movie out-takes, screenshots. Link to videos below...

Since you're here, u don't have to Use the Site MENU, 

just Click for the PROTESTERS site

or Go To videos on IMDB

The Instant Messenger Mission updated

The Instant Messenger Mission movie 

by Milkyy Media and Silver Spring Studios


"TimeSpace Chronicles: Wave 4" Conch videoclip

This is an excerpt from "TimeSpace Chronicles: Wave 4"  Let's just call it the Conch Shell in the Mountains scene.  This was filmed in the Catskill Mountains during the summer more than a decade ago. 

Note:  "TimeSpace Chronicles" is a movie series and we are producing the part which is called "Wave F".  The alternative title is Gold Mine Gang.

"Wave 4" does not have another title as of yet.

The story of "Wave 4" features the life of a newly married couple, named according to their youtube channels, Myzzty and MysterEy1 (in 2016, gootoob deleted everything).  That's why Milkyy-Media is on LiBRarY. tv

"Wave 4" is an American and Israeli romance, a cultural exploration, also dealing with the historic rise of youtube.  MysterEy1 was one of the first paid content creators who was offered a contract from youtube in 2007. 

Check out our video samples there!$/invite/@Keyboa:b

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