World's #1 Firstever Vertical Video before SmartPhones | Milkyy-Media

World's #1 Firstever Vertical Video before SmartPhones | Milkyy-Media


   Welcome! What you are about to watch was way ahead of its time!!! 

Mariah Carey being Sued Copyright Infringement

 Mariah Carey in the news 

Milkyy Media reports on this, because it's interesting with all the Intellectual Property issues going on.  Mariah Carey is an artist / performer with a quantity of lucrative success, she's a relatively well-known celeb in the popular culture.  Having said that, she's been hit with a trending action in our Society, the action of lawsuit and defending our rights! 
Not saying that she is convicted, merely that she has been accused.  We are supposedly innocent until proven guilty!

A.I. artifical intelligence | Demonic DALL-E | secret language

     Is this A.I. demonic?  

    So I stumbled upon this, I think through drudgereport (recently taken over by A.I. also)  The gist of the article which is being hyped:  there is a computer program or something techie, called DALL-E, if I recall correctly.  This computer is an A.I. and it has been caught generating its own secret language.  It uses this language based upon words and images to do its thinking, supposedly.  They declare this is DEMONIC.  What a story!

    From the mind of Movie director Tasciotti, let's explore this briefly....

Peg Leg Bates highway | What is that about???

Cooperative Administration of Preservation Protocol Ltd. Co.: Peg Leg Bates highway | What is that about???:    Well, if they are going to memorialize - by naming the Peg Leg Bates highway, from Kingston to Ellenville and beyond, U.S. route 209 in....

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