update 2022: membership is being formalized and streamlined! won't that be nice, by using a new app. of Milkyy!

If you are interested to join Milkyy Media, here's the new member "checklist"

1.    first, read the mission statement and philosophy and history.  milkyy media-info

2.    take the initial questionnaire (to be sent by email) from milkyy media general communications

3.    fill-out the application for membership, request it from milkyy media general communications

4.    if you are approved, sign the NDNC pertaining to all Milkyy Media business and projects, then sign the membership agreement.  (we strive to build the organization for the needs of the group, but if you do NOT get approved, please understand it is at our discretion to expand the collective at any given time, which all depends upon internal conditions and plans.  We also have to be selective due to critical constraints which are our of our control, such as pandemic restrictions or union, legal concerns, etc.) 

5.    Upon signing the necessary documents, you will be inducted as a new member and can attend any Milkyy Media meeting or any Film school class.  Also, you can get started in your department and have fun, it's going to be a wildly exciting ride.  Your contracts as per each  project will be pending separate negotiation, but they are prioritized by member standing.

6.    you now have access to the Milkyy Media general archives, search and absorb at your own pace and interest level. The Archives are at a secure website (not accessible by the public)

7.    you now have access to the by-laws and Syndicate structure.  You can study this and consider how it fosters  collaboration on productions and on promoting our brands.

8.    As an official part of Milkyy Media Syndicate, please uphold all the values which we represent and promote.  cf. the Mission statement and Philosophy and also the Membership manual (TBA).  Even though we are new in Spring 2020, each and every one of us can take our place in this big venture with a serious and professional attitude.  From the start, members are expected to put their best foot forward, to give it their all, and to be a living example of the highest and most incredible artist and star that Milkyy Media could offer the adoring public.   As with any other movie industry company, we are a team and we must strive to win at this game of media, entertainment, and culture.

9.    You should take advantage of access to communicating with our producers and our Continuitor, in order to learn and develop in your craft. Only members have this benefit; others do not have this open opportunity, so imagine what false influences they have to fall under.  Who knows, with a consistent effort and perseverance, someday a new member can become the next Continuitor of the future Milkyy Media Syndicate.

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