MacroCandy Game | TimeSpace waves!

MacroCandy Game | TimeSpace waves!

Take a look at some of the images of the work in progress.  It's a visual and a painting, the first of its kind! Check it out....

You may wonder what is the MacroCandy game?  Basic info revealed below!!

MacroCandy is a video gaming experience - in development by Milkyy Media Syndicate. 

The game takes you into a strange new place in outer space, a world beyond your reality and into the most wonderful imagination.  You harness the TimeSpace Waves to take you there! As the voyager in this MacroCandy game, you are transported to a world, a planet which is different, yet strangely will become familiar, as if you've been there before. 

In this world, you are greeted by fantastic and weird creatures.  You have to figure out which ones are good and which ones quite possibly may be evil!  These characters can either help you or hinder you in your goals! You will meet many aliens as well as many who are other human-visitors.  Making friends will be appealing and you can surely enjoy social-networking along the journey.

What is the overall purpose of this gaming journey?  To explore and to thrive in the new environment.  It is going to be a great challenge and a lot of exciting fun.  There are many layers of this world and it is like navigating a vast maze.  You may get lost within it.  But there are clues everywhere to help you find your way. 

Sometimes you will have to join with allies who you can team up with, just make sure you select wisely.  Sometimes you will need resources, food, water, tools, monies, devices which you will learn about.  You will have to accomplish your goals to obtain these necessities by finding hidden treasure and overcoming the obstacles. 

There are endless possibilities and the rewards are very worthwhile!  Enter the adventure of MacroCandy!!

The various images shown here are sketches of the world and the cosmic map of how to travel to this magical part of the Universe!  You can also see in the images, the work of the production department.  Creative painting work has gone into the development of MacroCandy game.  We hope you like how it's coming along...

MacroCandy Game painting by Ohdavam

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