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Matrix Resurrections aka MATRIX4

Now that it has been released and the unprotected masses have been exposed to it, we can say WE TOLD YA SO.  What a nothing burger!

Do we have to waste anymore time on it?  How can we sum it up in as few words as possible? 

It is a rehash, reboot.  Nothing really new, except for a politically-correct "holier than thou" polish applied to it.  It will go down in history as one of the most expensive and exaggerated franchises to hit the unsuspecting public. 

It steals everything from the original Matrix and actually ends up ruining that moment of posterity.  The 1999 ground-breaking moment is ruined. 

This is not just the sentiment herein - it is resounding all across the web!  Take a gander at all these low reviews, this was a horrible movie...


So why are we at this new and upcoming Milkyy Media interested to criticize this other brand product?  Because if you are unaware as of yet, we were founded two years ago when Thomas Althouse signed a production deal with us to make the true life documentary of what's behind the Matrix franchise.


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