January 6 Truth | 3rd part of Trilogy within TimeSpace Chronicles

Truth of January 6 2021

[preliminary note: for those who are insistent that they know what was going on that day and they take a side on it, pro-Biden, anti-Biden, or pro-Trump, anti-Trump, then you may as well not read this. This is given only to those who can handle the Truth; the very few, the brave, the proud; the real, natural human beings]

[note to publishers, the alternative press: some have been contacted directly and others in general, you are free to re-publish (not under creative commons, instead) under Milkyy Media Syndication protocol, as long as proper, original source is attached/included. This article and others categorized as such, are made available for your readers’ edification]

Every major mainstream media news-story is ‘a dog and pony circus’ with a narrative and agenda”


With penultimate poignancy, this controversial subject is currently coming around full-circle; whether or not this could automatically be consciously realized, simply that the maturation of any given event must be reached (conditioned by TimeSpace waves). In the contemporary Era and the historical cycles, this is the pivotal force moving around revolutionary civil war in the United States of America. We must read the writing on the wall and accurately interpret the state of affairs.

There’s been an ongoing, raging debate, a political discourse on this monumental event (as per the reason why I am chiming in). The court of the public opinion is one level, the lowest common denominator; on another level, it is an entirely shadow government (so-called “deep state”) covert operation — probable basis of “National Security”. What these think-tanks of the shadow government respect is intelligence; I don’t refer to the gathering of surveillance information, I refer to the quantity of an individual’s mental skills. They know about me, know who I am, and I am qualified to publish this editorial on the topic. However, there is this censorship necessity being blanket-applied (they can never be too careful). Anything I, in particular, could broadcast and disseminate is immediately “sus”; it is deemed as a possible threat to the covert operation. In conclusion, because we shall not digress, I was initially on that “banned” list, even before the inception of the Zeitgeist of Cancel Culture. Case in point, I (whoever the heck this nobody purports to be) was Canceled before Cancel Culture, which was long before it happened to Alex Jones and Infowars. If you have not encountered my messages every day, consistently broadcasting many years, it is because the false-authorities did not allow you, the people, to learn of my warnings. They must now cease their tyrannical-blocking of my message — time for playing ridiculous games is done. Hidden enemies are getting incapacitated permanently, although mercifully, a mega-prison is being constructed for any who may be worthy of rehabilitation.

This January 6 event is a type of lightning rod, as with the September 11th event, the twin towers being destroyed in the fiery, “inside job” disaster (when I was present at the area of the Pentagon being struck by clandestine missile, I was in D.C. not in L.A., not in Montana, not in Hawaii, not in El Paso, not in Kennebunkport). Every American should be able to recall where they were and what they were doing on those days — September11 and July6. Personally, I was a struggling, stressed-out, single father at home in New York State with my two youngest children and my oldest son. The mother of the aforementioned two, Michelle Anne Bishop, was away on a trip to Asheville, North Carolina. She’s a sort of liberal feminist, whose conservative, traditional values cousin, Allison Jones-Rushing, is a Trump-appointed Federal Judge. Asheville is the same city where Michelle and I had attended the Barack Obama rally in 2008, before he was elected/after-he-was-selected (she ended up voting for him, while I who never vote, was merely his officially first-ever contact and friend through Obama’s politically-astute official Youtube channel historically).

There is causation embedded in the climate of the American social decadence, an answer to my personal question. Why was Michelle not at home, galevanting around on this trip, in the New Year 2021 with Richard Arkis? Mr. Arkis is the father of two children from mother, Peace Weaver (a self-advertised, tantric sexual therapist — who had been friends with my deceased second wife, student of the prestigious Corcoran Art School next to the White House). The causes are emanating from the polyamory of amoral cities from Asheville to San Fran, the causes are oozing from every pore and orifice of the post-modern dystopia which the nation has transmogrified into; truly “The American Nightmare”, not a dream. There is no solving the naggin problem, because everybody I angry or fighting for something they believe in, more rights for whatever. They themselves would have to reveal their secret, if they would be so inclined; after all Mr. Serapha (pronounced Sa-Ra-Foh) Arkis is a New Agey, Mayan calendar promoter and should know about the timing of things. Everybody should be aware of my opinion of that Mayan 2012 cult; which is like any other religion, diluted partial truth from ancient mythology studies. Much sarcasm regarding the Mayan Doomsday, like the Hollywood movie — the world ended in 2012, but that was only one of its ugly heads being chopped off; 11 years later and the remaining heads of the Beastly world are still alive, yet to be ended… which is why we are still here, on the way to the final act. 1999, 2012, 2023.

Staying home at 130 Cedar Drive, Kerhonkson in rural New York, we were wondering when Michelle would be returned to her family by Richard Arkis; we were concerned partially due to the political chaos afoot. Lo and behold, Mr. Arkis was asking Michelle to go from Asheville to the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, in attendance of the call to rally and protest. I was very interested to learn if they would do so. Around Christmas, I had published an article predicting the emergence of this major movement (I will furnish anybody with a link to that source). I had been communicating with Gloria Sun Jung Yun throughout the interim of Michelle’s trip; for Gloria had been residing in Manhattan in a luxury homeless shelter and had become desperate to vacate the purported danger zone of the metropolis. Ms. Yun, a Korean by birth and a variety of Christian by choice, also was aware of the political chaos, as she had long been a vociferous Trump follower.

My interest in talking with Ms. Yun was two-fold: one was plainly in the potential of collaborating on my family’s countryside, gardening homestead; two was that she had offered to be a legal counsel for Thomas Althouse (the writer who penned “the Immortals”, which was stolen to be the basis for Warner Brothers’ “the Matrix” by the transgender women celeb movie-makers, the Wachowski Brothers/Sisters). Althouse and I had forged a production contract for the movie documentary exposing the full truth of that Matrix Dis-enfranchisement (not to digress down that wild rabbit hole). Even though Althouse had been refusing the legal offer because he obviously wanted another official Attorney to represent him, Ms. Yun remained adamant that she could handle anything — she had been a longtime activist and member of the Sovereign Citizen movement. Remember

Now based on all this factual background, you are saying “Wow, Mr. Tasciotti, you really were in the middle of the maelstrom”. For some strange reason, yet that is not all, but suffice it to say, our real estate property seller, after 25 years of friendship, Edmund V. Haffmans was in breach of contract. The old hippy, Sir Edmund the Strange, was having a major headache. Not only because of the President, who he incessantly called “the Rump”, but because he was fearing that he could not steal enough money from me and my family in the his immoral scam he was foisting on us — a big, bait and switch, house flipping! What, with all the inflation ramping up and the feeding frenzy in the real estate market, those prices skyrocketing, this unwashed ‘Woodstock concert throwback’ could not wait to make his honest killing on the deal (like a true Neo-liberal Capitalist, Bernie-supporter, complete with Che Guevara posters all over his home).

Into this whole mix of: Christianity, prostitution, 9/11, Matrix, the transgender movement, Obama history, New York state, New York City, Trump Tower, Washington-DC, Trump lovers, and Trump haters, comes the event of January Sixth to my life. Well, not directly my life, I kept out of it, strictly apolitically (so why are they censoring me? Oh that’s why! I needed to take a tangible side on it, the Hegelian dialectic). Semi-safely, I watched from a distance, full-well knowing it was to be a major turning point of United Statesian (not American) history.


Part One has been the intro, the stage is set for Part Two — the Truth about January 6, 2021 …19 ½ years after 9–11.

Stay tuned (figuring out how to use this website platform effectively. Without wasting effort and false hope).

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