It is already announced as one of our projects, but we won't mention the title of it here.  Because it's a secret! 

Why do a movie about this TOTALITARIAN AUTHORITARIAN DYSTOPIAN?  A new SciFi Epic from Milkyy Media needs to be interesting and pertinent. 

Update on Matrix investigative documentary, a la psycho-thriller

Milkyy Media Syndicate


Our documentary of the real life story behind the Matrix Movie Series. 

This website started with that as our main focus. It is coming around full circle now forwards and backwards in the manner of TimeSpace waves.  More info will be posted here this second half of Summer. 

Notwithstanding the sentiments and activism of Thomas althouse, the show must go on. He did say, we finish this. Well we do have the rights. 

How they control the internet, the algorithms, A.I., cyborgs

We at MILKYY MEDIA SYNDICATE are probing into the deepstate of the interwebs.  The Universe/galaxy is based upon Information - reality


Current Events Reporting begins now

Milkyy Media Syndicate begins today August 17 2021

to aggregate the selected Current Events Reporting you need! Otherwise known as news you need! This is launched now!!


Unacceptably huge swaths of forest are burning in Russia's Siberia region. Millions of acres!



Idaho and Washington states have too many wildfires raging

there is the largest concentration of fires in the northern California region next to Nevada.

these are the current planetary positions in the local universe of the Milky Way. 

Hurricane Fred remnants tropical storm surged into land northwards from the Gulf of Mexico. Rain storms and flooding into Alabama Georgia and north carolina.

Earthquakes have been increasing this week.  Many major earthquakes, in the higher numbers of the Richter scale. Especially hard hit was Haiti. 

The USA is ending its war in Afghanistan. The Taliban have taken over the country including the main capitol Kabul as of yesterday. There is a frantic airlift of refugees. 

Governor Cuomo resigned from ruling over New York State a few days ago. The lieutenant governor has assumed power, first woman, not directly elected to that position. 

Milkyy Media proto-Studio

Milkyy Media proto-Studio

Where is it? 
Who produces there? What goes on?

It's a secret location, nestled into the hills of beautiful New York state (upstate, obviously not in the big city) We have some equipment there and lots of movie and media files!  Lots of drama, which is supposed to be captured on film.

Please note: lawsuit to recover certain files which were stolen by malicious fanatics - court trial is still pending.  This is regarding the MATRIX documentary.

Lots of work and editing is going on; all around the creation process is flowing!! 

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