Milkyy Media Syndicate is new.

Milkyy Media Syndicate is a new deal in movie making and the arts. What does it mean?  Essentially, MILKYY is the one that is created for these times. MILKYY is an artists' studio appropriate for what we're going through right now. It's born of this hour of our need.  That's what is required, because the other studios, those other brands are worn out, they're not up to the moment, they're becoming irrelevant.

 Let me just emphasize for you that the human civilization is in a heap of trouble.  Let's just face that concept.  If we are on the same page and take it as a fact, this crisis, then we may be able to move forward with the solution!

Can movies be made to help solve this world problem?  Yes indeed they can have that purpose!  MILKYY is poised to do exactly that.  It's a good enough reason to get together and try our best.

If you will follow along with the program, watch the movies, immerse in the stories, and start to get the message. It's probably going to resonate with something already in your soul.

This is a pep talk brought to you by the founders of Milkyy Media. Keyboa foundation 2020

Expansion of website and releasing more titles

The expansion of the website is happening.  We are releasing many more titles and graphics from the treasure trove.  Some of the movies have already been released and broadcast in the past, others are still to be produced.  We will also be releasing some trailers and video clips for viewing through this website only (not available anywhere else).  Stay tuned and get involved, because MILKYY is the one to watch!

Welcome back

Welcome back, thanks for returning... our website was down for a brief moment, with technical issues.  For reference, I.P. address is  save this if you are tech saavy.
We are still in building mode, but you can bookmark the site now, it's definitely happening.

 It's a War of The Worlds for sure.

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