Matrix Immortals Redemption

"The Matrix Immortals Redemption" (2020)

a.k.a. The Immortals/MATRIX Redeemed

*note: If you are a movie-studio professional, an actor or performer, more info and Sides for auditions are being released on this movie's separate website (link_below)

[movie in production] The true story of making "The Matrix" franchise.  This is the documentary by ahgameN keyboA, based upon the facts according to sworn testimony from Thomas Althouse, actor/screenwriter/playwright/father.  This story originates from Althouse and from those who know him in real life.  This movie is based upon a true story and therefore is documentary, with re-enactments, a biopic and an expose.  The movie is produced by Milkyy Media Syndicate LLC and has a release date of December 14, 2020. 

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The Matrix Immortals movie project, sides, info

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Book 1 The Book telling the story of making this screenplay and project

Book 2 The Book version of the documentary screenplay

Milkyy Media Syndicate LLC 2020
Milkyy makes so many stars, it should be the galaxy!  

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