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Ian Couch homage

Ian Couch is a great artist! 

In the past, Ian was part of the team on Protesters, the movie.  He also played a role of one of the Protesters.  Here is a Brenda Cooney movie-still from Protesters.

Eventually, we will be showing a "behind the scenes" documentary of how we work with Mr. Couch.  He is definitely instrumental with the projects of Milkyy Media Syndicate.  Currently in the department of aerial cinematography! Awesome stuff.  Isn't it sort of miraculous to fly up in the clouds with the birds?!!

Shoutout to the extraordinary Camera professional, Ian Couch!

Sitar over the Hudson series | Waldron | Tasciotti Director | Couch Aerial Cinema.

Sitar spiritual documentary.  Newest production.  Big thanks to sister project "Her stance" by Heyvazealia!

Here is the first video, with two or three more ragas to be uploaded later... (Please note: we know the audio is flawed from drone sounds and background noises. We will have better audio equipment next time!) Here are two versions.  The one on rightside has a more natural sound of the Sitar, but more background noise.  The one on leftside has more effects on the Sitar, but less background noise. 

Raga #1


Raga #2

Hope you enjoy the wonderful sounds and sights of Milkyy Media!
Another video of the artist/Sitarist Diana Waldron.  This one is self-produced. 

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