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Spies sent from Planet of Felines

cat planet
Just a little competition with YOUTUBE since we are hearing that the oly thing they excel at is CAT VIDEOS!!

Trust LBRY and Odysee?


LBRY is a new protocol for sharing files: video, audio, images, PDF, etc.  Is it decentralized?  What is platform?   Odysee is the 2.0 of  Should we trust this new phenomenon on the web?

LBRY is basically promoted as an alternative / COMPETITION to youtube which is owned by  google

Ahgamen gives erudite opinion on the LBRY venture.  Ahgamen poses thoughts and criticism, questions arise from this new start-up.

and the image below has only indirect relation to the subject of this post.. Just to remind everybody, we will still be working on the Matrix movie!

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