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Update on "Matrix Immortals Redemption"

    New project has been greenlit, to replace the  production of  

  "The Matrix Redeemed" !   

  General info "TimeSpace Chronicles" ! !  

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Ahgamen keyboa is a cinematographer and artist with Milkyy Media

If you already contacted our studio since the pre-Spring announcement, then we have your info already.  This is a reminder and update!  The news is that MATRIX project is on-hold due to conflicts and litigation:  Info below (instead of going to IMDB to read)

TimeSpace Chronicles: Wave F.1 

a.k.a. Gold Mine Gang or King Solomon's Temple

Feature Film | Starts: Sep 30, 2020 | Filming in: Remote

TimeSpace Chronicles: Wave F.1 is the full immersive series which began with the Gold Mine Gang movie. This is in the category of documentary with extensive narration. [note: this project is greenlit after "The Matrix Disen'franchise" became delayed due to Lawsuits (2) in District Court. If you submitted to the Matrix from March 2020 until present, you will be considered for TimeSpace Chronicles if you express interest. You will be working independently virtually, as a result of the pandemic/quarantines. Therefore we are facing two huge setbacks, but we are moving forward] Your location can be anywhere in the world. This movie is a retro-Western style of look and characterization. A Wild West look is preferred, if possible. Acting style will vary, in a creative unique approach to the story and filmstyle. It is definitely a genre bender. 


Featured, 1 - 140 yrs, Non-Union, Paid
All applicants for The Matrix Redeemed (The Immortals) are automatically considered for roles. We do have your info, this is merely a reminder as attached to the new project. TimeSpace Chronicles! write to: We are seeking all types, but prefer/require something that will fit with our retro Western style and story. Be as Wild West as possible. Improv is encouraged. Sides will be available and most of the job is done remotely, you must be independent and computer saavy to send clips to the studio. Pay is possible, per contract. Some roles available for more work. Others however will be credited but non-paid. Those will be possible to become paid roles in the future series. 

General editing work

Editor, Non-Union
Editors are needed for project with most of content already filmed, some narration scenes being produced currently. The material will be creatively produced for a retro-western look. Original soundtracks and musical score being added. The movie will be the first of its kind! Digitally and using the available technologies, will not be linear and traditional. yet will have aspects of gaming and social networking in the website with app. In other words, fully integrated with the movie is interactivity and many hyperlinked banners and buttons, leading the participant on an unending adventure. Editing and computer programmers to work in tight coordination. This is the epic universe of Milkyy Media...
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UPDATED 2020 August-September:  (serious fun?) Legal Action has been initiated in order to go forward.  This is the reason for delays.  It is hoped that in due course, the Courts will assist in litigation of the conflicts.  Only then will we be able to proceed, after resolving all the issues. More info cannot be posted as of yet.  Partners and investors are encouraged to remain patient and vigilant.  This is a worthwhile movie project and it's time will come, upon dealing with some karmic obstacles/BUSINESS, just business. 
TWO obstacles created delays on our project***  The 2 obstacles were both looming and systematic (i.e. impossible to avoid).  First, a divide affected our team!  Second, the world was hit with Pandemic!
     Basic info about this project "Matrix Immortals Redeemed" Click Here

 Our key Production Coordinator, Thomas Althouse was doing too many live interviews and  got attacked by the powers-that-be.  In March, he was detained for evaluation, based upon false charges!  In our screenplay, he is the main character who originally created "THE MATRIX", until it was stolen and his dreams were dashed to pieces!  The result is that he trusts NO STUDIO /NOBODY in the movie industry! Can you blame him after what Warner Brothers did to him?  And the collusion of Disney, Universal, etc.?  His mistake is to lump in our Producer with Stephen Spielberg.
    However, we decided the show must go on.  His hang-ups and non-cooperation merely required tweaking of our screenplay, a re-write.  After adjustments, it is more of a flashback type of movie, wherein he is telling his story to Milkyy Media producers.  Still gonna be a great, controversial film, whatever the technique and style.

  But that virus pandemic is really generating delays on all business and working.  It's a Scamdemic! Although it shut down the majority of Hollywood's productions, including "Matrix 4", TV series, and more. Too bad for them, they were only rushing Matrix 4 so they could compete with our real-life documentary!  What a shame.
     How can we curtail the delays, what is the plan B?  We have explored a myriad of ways to have meetings and auditions in the virtual, not physical.  This will get us beyond the current restrictive rules.  But, it will not solve the problem for the bulk of the filming, which is scheduled for Summer 2020.

     Everybody who has applied for roles is now invited to open auditions virtually.  You can do this after receiving your audition sides/script.   These auditions formerly were set for: 3 days during each week, but due to technical problems, will be announced soon.  Online open auditions will be ongoing until Pre-Production completes in June.  No need to schedule, just go to the virtual meeting platform and log in.  If you're new to ZOOM, you have to sign-up
      The open auditions  Click here: Open Auditions on Saturdays  Entry is password protected, so please inquire for it by emailing us!  (we cannot post it unsecurely on the public website)

    Your pre-recorded self-tapes and sample work may also be sent to:

*Note: we are also launching several short-feature films! Go to the previous post for info.*

**This step is not required for receiving an acting role, but if you're curious about joining our team and getting more involved General info about Milkyy Media has been released and ready for your perusal.**

***Plus there was a 3rd obstacle which we won't get into here; too personal and fresh, but being made into an incredible documentary***


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