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What is Beauty, Attraction of the Bodies?

Human Life, Natural, Normal? 

Using the Senses, Aesthetics, Culture?

Beautiful Human Beings are an ongoing fascination and wonder to behold...  is the perception of the Beauty in the eye of the Beholder and in their soul?

This is an area for Milkyy Media to explore, as every good movie has an element of Beauty in its story....

The above image features a screenshot of a webpage dedicated to info about Michelle Novacich, who is the estranged stolen daughter of the founder of this Movie Studio, Tasciotti, P.Ed.  More info is on our webpage for the Biographical Documentary on Michelle Novvacich

      The attraction of the human body and the realization of Beauty is universally experienced.  The ideal of beauty is a Virtue.  But is the lower form of it called Vanity?  In other words, going around overly Glamorous.  It can be an addiction, it can be obsession.  It can also be modified through the philosophy of Morality as well as the rule of Modesty.  
    Is Beauty to be flaunted and sold?  Is it merely a major Commodity?  it is like a religion, a form of idol worship?  Surely, the power of Beauty can overwhelm the senses and feelings of those under its spell.  Yet it is tangible and real, driving us to passion like a masterpiece of Artistry and Creation.  The beautiful body itself would seem to be a work of art.  Is beauty, idol worship, or is it in the image of G_d, if so, which god, of the many gods in our capacity to seek?

Beauty is like the flowers
Beauty of Flower

 ...thanks for contemplating this in a mature and respectful way.  Everybody has their different opinions and feelings about BEAUTY.  And that personal idea is always changing.  It's just like the trends in fashion and culture, one never knows what is going to be trending next!  Society runs on change and entertainment.  

Milkyy media promotes a healthy and loving and caring mindset towards the human life and body image!  That's important for our health and our harmony.  It is our right and our legacy to discoer what is the mystery of BEAUTY?!  It is the greatest attraction we experience, it is the spice of life!!

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