Ahgamen Keyboa: BurningMan is online this year?!

Ahgamen Keyboa: BurningMan is online this year?!:  Just found out Burning Man event is going to be all online this year.  I know it doesn't exactly make sense, but these are the changes ...

Will Milkyy Media be involved?  We shall find out...  If anything, we are offering GOLD MINE GANG movie and ChronoCosmonomy as a preview to the Burner participants.   

Google search and other web search returns: We are keyboards LOL

 Google  duckduckgo or bing whatever search returns these results:

Milkyy Media Keyboa is those things?  We sell these? not.

It is hard with a name like KEYBOA to get listed on search engines. 

Highly regarded Documentary "Aluna" 2012 review by MilkyyMedia

Milkyy Media Syndicate presents our esteemed audience with a wonderful and poignant Documentary.  Milkyy recommends that you watch the (2020-2012) movie entitled "Aluna"  Let us know what you think, next time you visit!  Please enjoy and be awake.  Woke?  Wakened... wake up, I always say!!


Tychosium discussion in the movie, expanding the frontiers of Science

Tychosium animation based upon the original data and work of Tycho Brahe.   Tychosium is a new design/model of the universe, related indirectly to the movie on Astro Science by Milkyy Media.  Tycho's theories may possibly be included in the content we are featuring. 

Stay tuned to find out more, as we research the knowledge and produce this documentary - Chronocosmonomy.

Very interesting philosophy of the Famous teacher/author of Rich Dad....


Pandas funny says Milkyy media...

Pandas just being pandas while a zookeeper desperately tries to rake leaves from r/funny

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