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Heyvazealia. Her stance. Director

Heyvazealia embarks on the new production, entitled "Her Stance".  This project is an ensemble cast featuring women of creativity. The first focus is a Sitar Player documentary.  The Sitarist is Diana Waldron. 

Experimental versions of the material are being reviewed.  Various images and video clips of Diana playing Ragas on her Sitar are included on the dedicated page - click here to watch 


Heyvazealia keyboa launches her new production entitled "Her Stance", as movie director for diverse women of talent. This project is with producer and cinematographer ahgamen, Milkyy Media Syndicate 2020

UPDATE: latest part is released on this Milkyy Media post - http://www.milkyymedia.com/2020/12/sitar-musician-diana-waldron-interview.html





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