1993 was a unique turning-point year

[please note: there hasn't been much outward activity of Milkyy Media lately, for the past 3 or more months.  Why is that?  Cat got your tongue? It's because of a great deal of activity in the Science research of ChronoCosmonomy and real life work - carpentry etc.]

1993, the year we start with, to review. What do you know about 1993? Did you live through it? 

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This is one for the basis of our Science fiction level of productions.  We generally stick with Science, and avoid the sci-fi.  What's the diff?  Well science being what we accept to the within reality.  and science-fiction being what is impossible and ultimately from imagination only. 

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Milkyy Media presents: TimeSpace Chronicles

(in conjunction with Civilogia Instituto)

These are the epic tales of mythical adventure, stories of a semi-fictional, quasi-biographical nature (cf. Memoirs of the Keyboa Early Dynasty). These writings are screenplays for the basis of an ongoing movie series, the Greatest epic saga of Biblical proportions about the post-olde civilization.

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Popular title: The Hippie Commune

TimeSpace Chronicles: Update and review of TimeSpace website


TimeSpace Chronicles: Update and review of TimeSpace website: What's the Mission of TimeSpace here?  TimeSpace Chronicles and ChronoCosmonomy archive image (below): Tasciotti's Laws of ChronoCosmonomy...

Ahgamen keyboA_: ((K y y boa)) keyboa intro examples

Ahgamen keyboA_: ((K y y boa)) keyboa intro examples: This is a ((K y y boa)) keyboa AUDIO-VIDEO inspirational compilation requested by certain K-y-y-b-o-a helpers for new people, interested in us...

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