1993 was a unique turning-point year

[please note: there hasn't been much outward activity of Milkyy Media lately, for the past 3 or more months.  Why is that?  Cat got your tongue? It's because of a great deal of activity in the Science research of ChronoCosmonomy and real life work - carpentry etc.]

1993, the year we start with, to review. What do you know about 1993? Did you live through it? 

   And so we start with the year they call 1993 (in the Gregorian-based Modern calendar of the globalism.  We don't have to use that calendar, especially after we find out what it has to do with, and why that Calendar has negative connotation - besides, it's the most major CONTROL mechanism ever) For lack of a better name, or numbering, we have to refer to this period of time as 1993, NINETEEN-NINETY-THREE. 1-9-9-3.

   What is so special and memorable about this year 1993?  What should the history and record books, declare about it?



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