How they control the internet, the algorithms, A.I., cyborgs

We at MILKYY MEDIA SYNDICATE are probing into the deepstate of the interwebs.  Not because it is a regular, usual topic of MILKYY.  Rather BECAUSE it is of huge public interest. 

We also are affiliated with a prediction think tank. go figure!

Here is a video from a famous politician (Warning: this one is possibly in league with the shadow-banning controllers?  TRUST nobody on their payroll)


next video is from Snowden...



There are a lot of things that they want you to know about.  Yes, you can search and be given all those tidbits.  But there are so many other things that they do NOT want you to know about.  Truly really factually speaking, it is definitely happening. We never wanted to believe it, yet it has been verified as totally true.

They, these information controllers are going to find out what is important, what THEY don't know about.  They only have their glut of knowledge.  However they lack WISDOM and the grasp of the absolute truth.

Too bad for the other side.  Which side do you want to be on?  Sounds like the red pill vs. blue pill in The MATRIX.  We already exposed that franchise!

I give the Wachowskis credit for that pill analogy, the symbolism.  It was a distortion of the original THOMAS ALTHOUSE concept.

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